‘Red Letter Church’ – A church for all people

Wiffy and wife
Wiffy Real and his wife Rosie

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Wiffy Real grew up in a mainstream church. At the tender age of 10, the church asked Wiffy to play drums in the worship service, and a life of serving God began.


Recently, his praise and worship band took 1st place at the Spirit West Coast music festival for independent bands up in Monterey, CA. He also ministered to the youth at Valley Baptist Church in Brawley.


As his internship in Brawley ended, he trusted God to find him another job as he not only had added a wife, but two children since joining forces at Valley Baptist.


Wiffy interviewed at many churches, but eventually each rejected him because he lacked mega-church experience. “I was worried, yet relieved, for I felt the fit wasn’t right either. Each church was great, but I kept hearing a different beat that I wasn’t seeing at these churches.”


However, the last church was different, and surprisingly fit the images beginning to form inside of him.


For the first time Wiffy said, he could see his calling being fulfilled. In the church parking lot were people smoking.


Here was a church for the un-churched. The pastor told him, “We are a bit of a different church. God uses broken people. He transforms.”


Wiffy said he felt God showed His Hand for the first time. He told the pastor, “If you don’t hire me, I’m taking this back to the Valley.”


Now he feels called to step out of the traditional church box. With his wife and a few others, Wiffy has planted a new church, albeit a church without a building.


Named “Red Letters” from bibles that print the words of Jesus in red, Wiffy signed a contract with the Jimmy Cannon Performing Arts Center to lease the auditorium on Sunday mornings starting next fall.


Wiffy will preach the English sermons, and a Spanish pastor will run the Spanish church.


However, the heart of his church, home groups, or as his team names them, Life Groups, have already started.


Wiffy envisions having a church where the unwelcome will feel at home. No matter ones lifestyle, Wiffy wants everyone to come to hear the word of God.


His first Life Style group, called Abide, ministers to the LGBT community.


Rosa Diez is the group leader and they meet next to the Sonshine Counseling Center in El Centro from 7 p.m. to 8:15.


“Gays and lesbians can hear the words of Jesus without confrontation. It’s a relevant bible study that teaches like all bible studies do,” Wiffy explained.


The church hopes to reach drug addicts, alcoholics, anyone with issues that separate them from the love of God and keeps them out of fellowship with believers.


“God will make all things whole again, and we teach everyone to hold onto that hope until Jesus returns,” Wiffy said. “We are opening doors to those who need Christ.”


His ‘church for all people’ will welcome everyone as they are, it is designed to be a church serving many.


As they grow, Wiffy plans on including children’s’ ministries and other conventional groups.


Wiffy is dedicated to his vision and sees God supplying all of his needs. He has decided, along with his wife, to not take a salary the first year to plow back tithing to grow the church.


His team meets regularly in different homes valley wide, growing their church and looking to God for direction.


Wiffy is passionate about his vision, “I will do anything short of sinning to bring people to Christ.”


“I want to be part of a movement, I want to live out the Call, to follow something bigger than myself.”

















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