Red Earth Donates $5000 to Westmorland Little League


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WESTMORLAND — Members of Red Earth Cooperation board joined the Westmorland community on the first day of the baseball season, Saturday evening, to present the Westmorland Little League with a five thousand dollar donation at the newly refurbished baseball field behind Westmorland School.

The $5,000 donation helped purchase baseball uniforms, catchers’ equipment, bats, and clay for the infield, according to Westmorland Little League Board President Salvador Velasco.

Red Earth Casino General Manager, Andrew Miranda, presented the Westmorland Little League’s needs to the Red Earth Cooperation Board, after a chance encounter with Westmorland Mayor, Lawrence Ritchie.

After Mayor Ritchie had contacted Miranda about an IID and Salton Sea issue, Miranda offered his organization’s help if Westmorland needed anything, “just let me know.”

It was then that the mayor mentioned the Westmorland Little League to Miranda.

“If we can help our surrounding community and not just the immediate community, everyone prospers,” Miranda said.

According to Miranda, the Red Earth Cooperation Board says it is their responsibility to give back to the community, starting with the children. “It’s about a quality of life and happiness for the children of the community.”

The Westmorland Little League is the only extracurricular activity offered by the town, otherwise families have to travel to nearby cities, such as Brawley, to participate in youth programs through the Lion Center.

“I would like to thank all our sponsors and volunteers that made this happen”, said Little League president, Velasco.


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