Recruit for Revival


Revival valley baptist church


The Valley Baptist Church has a revival scheduled for Sunday, March 29th at 10:30 am at 7th and “B” Street in Brawley. You are officially invited if no one has asked you to come. If no one has asked you to come, it may be because they are in need of “revival!” Yes, there are three groups that need revival.

They are all important. If you look up the word revival, one definition is that of bringing back to consciousness, someone who has fainted or died. Thank God that we have great health care and many are brought back from the brink of death! Well, if people don’t know Jesus, well they are dead as doornails and there is no ER that can revive them. The only thing that works in the case of the spiritually comatose is JC not ER.

And how will they ever respond to the good news of Jesus Christ if they never hear it. If you are a Christian, don’t wait for your friend or family member to talk to a burning bush. That isn’t going to happen. You are the burning bush that needs to do the talking. The New Testament is about the church and we are here to “go and make disciples.” Bubba, you are not alone. The Holy Spirit is with you. Come to the revival so the talents of Pastor Jim Daugherty and the sweet voice of Shasta Jones will do the rest.

We want the dead to live, but revival also is for those who have a very low energy relationship with the Lord that needs revitalization. That won’t happen with vitamins. He is waiting, and you need to move in His direction. He has not gone anywhere. It is possible you have backslidden and are going the way of the world via one of your favorite sins.

A revival can get you a fresh start with your Savior and friends who miss you at church. Revival is also good for the “frozen chosen” who sit in the pews, but that’s all they do. Remember faith without works is dead. Your heart may be pumping but you are not a “person after God’s own heart.” You don’t have to be perfect to be revived, just willing. Bring the body and the spirit will follow. (Actually the spirit is always with you, but you may not be filled!) Running on empty??? Come to the revival.

We also want to wake up the church. We are in a war, whether it be about abortion, your marriage, your children or just your spiritual well being. Churches are the emergency rooms for the lost and hurting of this world. When I talk about the church, I am talking about the coalition of Christian folks that need to come together in unity and not just praise the Lord, but promote Him. I am very proud of the church in the valley’s battle to protect its unborn victims.

Feeling battle weary or want to become a soldier? Come to the revival. It is a Sunday morning, but it may be a lot more, but you will only find out if you show up.

By the way… Aren’t you glad Jesus showed up at the cross?? And He was revived in 3 days!!


  1. I decided to go to the revival
    It wasn’t a matter of survival.
    I just wanted to take a peak
    And listen to the new pastor speak.
    I learned about the meaning of life
    Had a great morning with the kids and wife.
    Get into the Easter swings of things
    And hear Shasta Jones as she sings!
    Sorry if you don’t make it there
    If you don’t, God still cares!

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