Rain or Shine: Fair Crowds Brave Adverse Weather



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IMPERIAL — The 2015 California’s Mid-Winter Fair and Fiesta did not only attract people from over the Imperial Valley, but also brought in storm clouds which put the Fiesta on siesta on the first Sunday.

According to data taken from Weather Underground, even though the first Saturday’s low temperature was a cool 59 degrees, the 0.05 inches that fell on Sunday encouraged the fair board to close shop for the day. Yet as soon as the clouds relented, business went on as usual Monday, with some of the more prepared visitors putting their boots and “wellies” to good use.

It seemed that the mud and puddles wouldn’t deter the crowds from enjoying the fair, nor the cool breeze on an already chilly night – which in itself is a rare attraction here in the Imperial Valley.

Though the fair grounds themselves were far from fair, one could see the hustle and bustles of the crowds, lining up for hot funnel cakes and gut-wrenching rides, their spirits not nearly as dampened as the landscape around them. For this week, fair-goers will enjoy drier if colder weather: zero chance of rain and daily temperatures looking to stay between the mid-forties and low fifties, according to Weather Underground. Fair weather takes on a whole other meaning for Imperial Valleyites.

When asked about the weather, Brawley resident Clair Juarez, 19, duly summed up the general feeling of fair attendants and vendors: ”Rain or Shine: the fair must go on.”