Proof: Abortion industry targets minorities


abortion2 Statistics from the federal government now prove something that pro-lifers have contended – and the abortion industry has denied – for years: minorities are targeted by abortions.


The numbers come from the CDC Abortion Surveillance report (PDF – published in November) showing that 63 percent of abortions terminate the lives of black or Hispanic babies. It also revealed the presence of multiple abortuaries in many super-minority populated areas.


Mark Crutcher of Life Dynamics, who has been watching the situation for years observed, “That just tracks what we found in our research that we’ve done before; and that is that the American abortion industry targets the minority community. They’ve been doing this since Day 1,” he offers.


The Life Dynamics work took a look at zip codes where abortion clinics are located and found they are largely in or near minority neighborhoods. According to Crutcher that confirms that the underlying purpose of the abortion industry is eugenics.


“In our documentary, MAAFA21, we fully documented that the real motivation behind the legalization of abortion was to eliminate what these people would describe as ‘dysgenic groups’ – groups of people they don’t want reproducing and having children,” he says. “And of course, to no one’s surprise these are generally blacks and Hispanics.”


Crutcher says it is difficult to get the word out on these findings because the secular media seems wedded to the abortion industry “and won’t recognize that it’s a eugenics campaign in which minorities are targeted for extinction.”