Prayers for Baby Eli


Prayers for Baby Eli

IMPERIAL – This is a fundraiser to help this young family with the high medical costs they are accumulating with the medical treatment Baby Eli is enduring. They chose to keep their baby and now have joined him in the fight of his life.

Great food and music, beer, and wine will be offered at Cheval’s in Imperial. (See Flyer)

Baby Eli will be born today, April 15, then taken from Sharps directly to Rady’s Children Hospital. Here is what his mother wrote on Prayers For Baby Eli’s Facebook page.

Requesting Prayers for Baby Eli

Baby Eli was diagnosed with lower urinary tract obstruction at week 18 in utero.

At week 20 in utero he underwent fetal surgery. They placed a shunt to drain his bladder and give him a chance to live, without that surgery he wouldn’t have survived.

Prayer has been the only thing giving us strength.
He will be born, God willing, April 15th via c-section. We pray he can breath on his own and that he will have enough function on his right kidney to not need dialysis as a baby.

Please keep us in your prayers!

I strongly believe in the POWER OF PRAYER!

My Baby Eli is a fighter! He is not giving up and neither are we.