Pray and Fast for Esther and other Babies



In the book of Esther (4:1-16), Mordecai persuades Esther to go to the king on behalf of the Jews. Although she was putting herself at personal risk, she asked the family of God to fast on behalf of herself. The Jewish community was facing genocide from the evil of that time.


I have improved my prayer walk in recent years, but the fasting, well, that’s a little tricky—especially for this writer who organizes his life around the three meals.


Drastic times call for drastic measures. We are called for a time as this, and men are called to stand in the gap. The new pastor at Valley Baptist Church had his first child about two weeks ago and she (Esther) has been in the critical care unit of Loma Linda University ever since.


The “Valley Baptists” and many other brothers and sisters have been praying for little Esther for many days now. The mother, Lupita, is recovering from the C-section. When there is a crisis, separation and fear, the whole family needs prayer… and sometimes fasting.


Other churches are also opening their doors.  It is not good to be alone, so you can go to the church at 7th and “B” Street here in Brawley—but God accepts ‘knee mail’ from wherever it is sent. I may not make it to Brawley, but I too am going to give up the grub. Now it helps that I want to lose weight, but I prefer cutting carbs rather than going totally without. It is OK though. My trial is very temporary.


We don’t know how everything is going to play out for Esther and her family. God bless them all, especially the precious baby. What we do know is that God responds to all prayer, and He works everything out for those who love him.


This is also a day of prayer and fasting for all the babies of Imperial Valley. The El Centro Regional Medical Center management and board have come out in support of abortion. They have decided to clean up the messes caused by the new Planned Parenthood clinic to open in El Centro.


The community is very upset and there are calls for a boycott of the hospital until they get it right for the voters and the vulnerable of both El Centro and the Imperial Valley. There is a cloud of grief here in the valley of the son, but we know that this is just another season of evil. This too shall pass, but many may perish.


The hospital may not respond to morality, but they may respond to money. Our community consistently votes pro-life and this has been communicated with the hundreds that have attended meetings in opposition to the abortion clinic.


Many people already go to San Diego, Palm Springs and Mexicali for health care. The boycott is just encouraging people to go to Pioneers for their emergency medical needs and other inpatient services. If losing life doesn’t bother ECMRC, well maybe losing money will!


So stand up, kneel down and give up food for the babies of Imperial Valley, and little Esther up at Loma Linda. If you are not the fasting type, well we should all be people of prayer. Prayer works and there is work to do in the valley of the Son.



  1. Praise the Lord! Thank you church for all the prayer and fasting! Esther is off the ventilator and doing better. She’s gotta learn to eat so keep the prayers coming. Come and meet Pastor Jim at VBC at 7th and B St. this Sunday. Come hear about his family’s struggles, strength and victories this Sunday at 10:30.

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