Port lanes and roads blocked by protesters in Mexicali and border

Protesters gather in front of the Mexican side of the West Port of Entry during a protest against President Enrique Pena Nieto’s visit July 24 that resulted in a temporary border blockage.

MEXICALI – In reaction to Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto’s visit to Mexicali July 24, various protests erupted throughout the city and countryside as citizens displayed their discontent with his current campaign and stagnant energy reform.

Peña Nieto came to the region to inaugurate the “Canal Alimentador 27 de Enero” of Mexicali Valley and to discuss agriculture and infrastructure plans in a speech at Ejido Colima.

From the early hours on July 24, members of “Mexicali Resiste” and various other collective organizations congregated at the Vicente Guerrero Monument to protest the installment of a Constellation Brands Brewery.

At around the same time, 150 protesters demonstrated on the Mexico side of the West Port of Entry in a gesture of discontent for the alleged empty promises regarding Peña Nieto’s failure to lower the costs of electricity, gas, and petroleum.

The protestors temporarily blocked the port of entry at Zona Centro where two piñatas were burned while chanting, “Abajo la luz!”

Complaints against rising gas, electricity, petroleum, and diesel prices provoked the frustrated Mexicali Valley citizens, according to local residents.

In the outskirts of the city, the Mexican Federal police and Highway Patrol were needed to block the north and south bound vehicles of the San Felipe Freeway to control traffic amidst the 300 plus protesters.

The south side of the west port was blocked for roughly five minutes until the demonstrators dispersed and traffic was allowed to proceed as usual.