Pink is Cool…But What About Purple?


Jim_Shinn We are witnessing a cultural revolution. Men are wearing the girly color of pink. It is most evident in football wars in October. I see it on all the teams on Saturday morning when I go to my grandson’s Pop Warner football games and then on Sunday when the NFL warriors battle. It is all to support the war on cancer.

Both my wife and I lost our fathers to cancer, so although I own no pink clothing, I do cancer walks, support “Between Women”, a non-profit that provides helps women coping with breast cancer and I have done pro bono counseling with cancer survivors. I am not into pink, but I like its potential in this case.

 It is a great thing to see men rally around an important cause. We also need to come together about domestic violence (DV) prevention as well.

Purple is the color when it comes to promotion of peace in family and relationships. October is also Domestic Violence Prevention Month and purple is the cause color. Matthew calls us to be “peacemakers” and what role can partner violence have in the mandate to “love our neighbors.”

When we read Psalm 140:1, it is where David calls to God “protect me from men of violence,” and does Brother Dave know violence! Not only was he a warrior king, but also during his fallen times, he domestic violencehad a warrior friend murdered to cover up his sin.

I would like to see purple all over the place, but I know we are talking about apples and oranges. I love the push for pink, but the pushing and pummeling of family members, leads to black, blue and yes the purple of healing bruises, and even worse, homicide.

But alas, we may never see a commitment to getting rid of domestic violence like we do for cancer. For one thing, we can rally against cancer because it touches all of us. In this day and age, we all know someone we care about who cancer killed.

We can all rage against a disease because we have all been hurt, some worse than others.

Unfortunately, the domestic violence disease is less spoken of. It is another evil deed done in the dark, and then victims sometimes cover for the violator.

stopdomesticviolenceThe main reason for the lack of societal effort is because, it is a sin primarily done by men. Men hold the power, and like the Pharisees of days of old, they have difficulty looking at their own shortcomings. DV is also sin.

To deal with this damage too many men have to look in the mirror to make changes rather than dipping into the wallet. In Ephesians 4:26 it is clearly written: “Do not sin in your anger.”

Last week we had a walk from the valley courthouse to the Main Street Park in El Centro. There were hundreds in attendance, but a small effort considering the enormity of the problem. Things are better. Victims are speaking up. Services are increasing. Attention is growing, but more needs to be done.

 If you are a man or woman dealing with this sin, there are two Christian ministries, to help. WOVEN and Turning Point are there to help you deal with your anger before the sun goes down. If you are a Christian man, and you don’t repent, the last pink you see, will be when you face your Savior and your facial flesh turns pink from embarrassment!