Pesticide Container Recycling


pesticide container photoInterstate Ag Plastics (IAP) will be recycling empty pesticide containers beginning March 23rd at the east parking lot of the fairgrounds.  Make an appointment by calling (661)764-9614.

Caps and labels must be removed, and containers must be rinsed and free of dirt.  Old, brittle containers are not accepted for recycling.

Please note and adhere to the following:

  • Mark you trailer(s) with your contact information so you can be called to pick yp your trailer(s).
  • IAP is now requiring that your trailer have a door or gater for access into the trailer; alternatively, you can provide an employee to assist in unloading the treailers because IAP will not process trailers that do not have access.
  • You are required to tarp/cover your trailer to prevent containers from blowing out of the trailer either in transit to the fairgrounds, or while parked at the fairgrounds on windy days. Be aware that loose and abandoned containers are a violation of Food & Ag Code 6670 which states that containers shall not be “…stored, handled, …disposed of, or left unattended in such a manner or at any place where they may present a hazard to persons, animal, … or property.”