Political Cartoon: Spies how lie

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As a physician and writer with decades of medical practice and university teaching experience, I have sadly only recently realized that our authorities have not been truthful about repurposed drugs for cancer, viruses or disease and they have consistently advocated for new, patented, and dangerous drugs when cheaper and more effective repurposed drugs, vitamins and supplements would have been safer. For years RFK Jr. was painted as a a crazy, fringe anti-vaxxer, when the truth of the matter was that he has been correct all along. His book, The Real Anthony Fauci, was the most among the best researched, accurate, and factual accounts of the pandemic, and should be read by democrats and republicans alike. Currently, we stand at the precipice of nuclear war, when all our government-sponsored media can discuss are wokeness and abortion rights. Wake up America! We won't be able to talk about such things after even a partial nuclear exchange. President JFK understood this and initiated a ban on nuclear weapons as well as a de-escalation of the arms race. If our current president had an ounce of morality, he would too. RFK Jr. must challenge Biden if only to bring awareness to what the real issues should be now for America.

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