Letters to the Editor

I've been asked several times about the prospect for a legitimate IID election.  As history teaches us lessons, I have suggested that a review of the numerous articles, letters and blogs that have chronicled the takeover of IID energy, admittedly  based on a negative review by ZGlobal of its own planning document (STEP); then blamed on IID management despite the STEP report being submitted for action & signed off by ZGlobal is an indicator of whether the dust will actually settle.   

Creating an expensive, conflicted relationship that has been termed,  "working both sides of the street', four directors chose to literally yank the core of its energy management, all registered professional engineers with over 30+ year unblemished records, from their offices with no notice, nor explanation and have guards walk them embarrassingly past their staff, out the door telling them their personal items would be packed for them.

No employee should be callously thrown under the bus like this, let alone career executives, who had dedicated their lives to IID then found their lives ruined overnight  without any charges, nor chance to refute the allegations before unfair action was taken. Can you imagine how you and your family would feel? Why didn’t the board step in and insist on due process? 

Remember, whoever is elected, as well as those remaining, face an uphill battle due to the brain drain created by unsubstantiated firings, as well as other talent choosing to retire, or take better jobs within the industry. In this latter category, the talent recruited away from IID include professionals that have advanced to a  CEO of a thriving utility, joined a Vice President, General Manager, Director and several Managers. Based on what those leaving have been able to accomplish and how much it has already cost IID, only to find itself inadequately staffed with managers and staff trained to run its systems efficiently, it looks like ZG, the GM and four directors were very wrong in their assessment of IID business management. Or, is this about lies to cover up real reasons! No wonder so much negative press and criticism has been generated including State and grand jury inquiries.  

Two of the four directors have retired, but two still represent IID, one recently reelected by a slim margin and one in a runoff. Both advertised they were running in a voting bloc with another director. Three is the magic number to control IID , and the General Manager has built a lengthy career pleasing three directors, despite joining IID as a writer without business, engineering, nor utility experience.  Before voting, consider if you want a voting bloc that has been controlled by a profit seeking outside company, or unbiased citizens who can make IID a credible organization again. 

Finally, with so much scandal still swirling around IID, any smell of voter fraud should be immediately investigated and acted upon. For example,  two directors purportedly  live outside the areas they represent - Alex Cardenas residing in District 2, not district 1,  at 998 Desertview Ave., El Centro. This is Bruce Kuhn's district. And, Erik Ortega residing at 600 Silverwood St., Imperial, not in District 4, that includes a majority of Calexico, South Heber, and IID service area along U.S. - Mexico border. 

Wish I had a more optimistic outlook, but unless voters vote for change, IID is doomed to repeat its past.


Arn Lahde


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Those Directors outside their district, as mentioned, is that acceptable? Why then was the voting changed to districts ?

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