Governor Noem

I am a humanist, and this means I love and have faith in humanity. However, I know most people are not incredibly wise, nor knowledgeable, nor smart. Most of us are too busy fighting for a decent and dignified life for the people we love and ourselves, so we are not experts in most things. Thus, we must trust our government with public health and safety. Unfortunately, our federal government is failing us, and now South Dakota is suffering the worst consequences:

"South Dakota has the highest COVID-19 mortality rate of almost anywhere in the world — only North Dakota and the entire countries of Belgium and the Czech Republic rank higher. Without a mask mandate and with low rates of mask wearing, the Dakotas have seen coronavirus cases spike over the past few months."

Republican Governor Noem spoke at a Trump rally:

"Let me tell you; my people are happy because they're free." The audience cheered.

Yes, governor, your people are "free" and dying horribly in disbelief because you betrayed them. You betrayed the trust bestowed upon you to safeguard public health and safety even when this means effectively protecting people from themselves.

Your dogmatic ideas about what you call freedom interfere with your ability to listen to experts. Therefore, your radical right-wing ideology and the incompetent federal leadership are at the heart of the pandemic's horrible mismanagement in this state and the US.

Lookup YouTube: "What dying Covid-19 patients told nurse stuns Camerota."


Edgar Perez

Calexico resident

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