With respect to the political season that is upon us, I feel that some of the disingenuous information that has been spewed about as of late, should now be corrected.  

The QSA is not about selling water to San Diego. It’s an agreement to reduce California’s use of the Colorado River, to better manage the River, and the transfer is a way of providing Imperial Valley funds to carry out conservation through a partnership with San Diego that also allows the San Diego County Water Authority to diversify its water supply.

For those of us who were in attendance in the QSA marathon meetings and took lengthy notes, we understood the reasons why the majority of the IID Board of Directors were signing on to the QSA, and that was to protect our Valley’s future water supply.

Please read point 11, in President Lloyd Allen’s letter, along with the rest of his comments.

When you receive your ballot in the mail, please vote, and vote informed.


Wally Leimgruber

IV Coalition for the Fair Sharing of Water

Below is part of President Lloyd Allen's letter, including point 11. 

On October 10, President Allen, Secretary Rivera, General Manager Silva, and I signed each of the Agreements and documents relevant to effectuating the Quantification Settlement Agreement (QSA); the water conservation and transfer arrangements, and the settlement of various matters of litigation. Copies of those documents are available for you and the public upon request. I have been asked to outline some of the positive aspects of these arrangements to IID and the Imperial Valley. Among others, they are:

11. IID's 3.1-million-acre-foot annual consumptive use right (greater than IID's long-term historical average use) provides for certainty throughout the QSA term.

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