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Help Us To STOP Judicial Corruption. Be a voice for those with no voice who all too often, are self represented in the courts. Ensure Fair & Impartial Hearings with a Ruling on the Merits, and that Administrative Hearings are a 1st Step in Challenging the Arbitrary Conduct Of Government Agencies. Join us in Voting NO on Judges Douglas P. Miller & Art. W. McKinster on Nov. 6, 2018, and in demanding a Grand Jury Hearing on their Obstruction of Justice.

We are a nation governed by the Rule of Law and as society we cannot allow Corrupted Judges, most not even elected by the people, to erode that system. Nor can we allow judges to willfully disregard the Rule of Law which has been vetted and constitutionally enacted by our elected officials, and thereby distort and make the law themselves. This is an issue where all political parties agree. Supreme Court Justice the Honorable Sonia Sotomayor stated it clearly and eloquently “ The task of a judge is not to make the law but rather, to merely apply the law. ” While most judges work diligently to adhere to the Rule of Law and remain fair and impartial, some do not.

San Bernardino Superior Court Judge David S. Cohn has Obstructed Justice in recent cases to retaliate against parties filing complaints against him and his Judicial Cronies. In recent cases such asYoung v. California Fish and Game Commission et al., Cohn permitted Administrative Law Judges to refuse to hold mandatory Administrative Hearings as required by Cal. Govt. Code 11500 et seq., excluded critical evidence, refused to apply the supporting codes, regulations and case law, raised new arguments on behalf of Defendant Government Agencies, refused to provide a mandatory Statement of Decision, and knowingly, maliciously, and fraudulently misrepresented facts ... all done to throw this and other cases. People familiar with Cohn and additional cases began a Recall Petition against Cohn.

In the 4th Circuit Appellate Court, Cohn’s Judicial Cronies Douglas P. Miller & Art W. McKinster Obstructed Justice to protect Cohn, and to retaliate against parties supporting the Recall Petition against Cohn. Miller & McKinster went even further by publishing an utterly erroneous and discriminatory opinion which will cause irreparable harm to future parties challenging the arbitrary conduct of Government Agencies. Cohn, Miller & McKinster engaged in a ruthless, unlawful scheme to protect each other, and to retaliate and discriminate against those which they calculate have no resources / voice to fight back. Their Judicial Misconduct has gone on for far too long, and the Inland Empire deserves better. No one is above the law including judges. Help us to protect those with no voice and to ensure fair & impartial hearings for all. Vote NO on Nov. 6th. Sign our Petitions ... Remove Judges David S. Cohn, Douglas P. Miller & Art W. McKinster From The Bench @ Change.org & The Petition Site - Care2.


Kele Younger for STOP Judicial Corruption

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