Letters to the Editor

Why did I bother to mention the alleged address discrepancies brought to my attention? That has been well answered in a blog to my earlier letter by "Curious" who questions the need to change district boundaries if they are to be ignored.

If my multiple, informed sources made a mistake, I'll be willing to retract my comments about out-of-district addresses if you simply take a copy of your personal IRS returns to the Desert Review office and verify your in-district home address. If you choose not to do so, I'll consider my statements validated.


Arn Lahde

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Charlie - Eric & Alex asked Arn to apologize for accusing them of using wrong addresses & he said he'd be happy to retract his comments if they showed their personal addresses filed with the IRS. Pretty simple, but you call Arn names rather than expose a possible felony. If directors lie to misinform how can they be trusted not to hide information & to raise rates?


Why should they have to prove anything to you? YOU should be the one doing the leg work if you think there are issues afoot. But you won't, because you just want to sit back and lob BS bombs from the comfort of your IID funded retirement chair. You were a putz when you were at IID and you're still a putz now, or at least that's what my "sources" tell me (funny how that works, huh?).

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