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Dear Editor:
Picture Imperial County without human life of any form.  Every person within it dead, whether in the ground, a hospital bed, or ashes.  This is the American reality.  Over 150,000 people have died of COVID.  Our county.  Totalled.
We have died because we failed.  We failed to take a disease seriously.  We failed to take simple steps to stop the virus.  We failed because we were, and are, scientifically illiterate and unwilling to tolerate moderate inconveniences. Therefore, we will keep dying.
But even with 1 in every 2,000 Americans dying of COVID, there continue to be those who cannot process reality.  Stella Immanuel, whom the Desert Review recently glorified, believes that demons have sex with humans in sleep and that is the cause of reproductive health issues.  If the reader will tolerate this assertion, there is no need for further discussion.  No being can debate when the rules of objective truth and evidence have been set aside. 
There is an objective truth. Gravity does not pull up.  Your brakes do not make your car go faster.  Demons do not have sex with us and the weight of scientific evidence is gainist hydroxychloroquinone for COVID.
The Desert Review, like many, has chosen to neither process or purvey truth.
Dr. Fareed's letter, recently published, agrees with my point.  Fareed (as a M.D.) understands the difference between an anecdote and date:  Anyone can observe a statistically unlikely event.  Flip a coin twice.  Did it land 'heads' both times?  Then it must always land heads!  Unless, of course, it can't.  The same is true of random patient outcomes and random administration of drugs.  Fareed only asked to "present his plan" regarding HCQ for observation and review.  He was not naive enough to assert that his few assertions were scientifically significant.
Don't trust in experts?  Fine. Build your own internet.  Build your own car.  These things, and millions more, were engineered by those who studied, understood, and respected science.  If you are incapable of converting petroleum fuel to locomotion, you are trusting in an expert.  If you are incapable of transforming electrical signals into a website, you are trusting in an expert.  
Those things work, but America's COVID response did not.  Too many people, who daily trust in the internet they didn't build, decided they were better scientists than the experts.
I would like to support the Local Journalism Sustainability Act, but only if more responsible publications benefit. We can beat this together, but only if we acknowledge that there is a best way forward and we all move in that direction.
Darren Bean
California Bar 240959

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We can certainly place the blame on this outbreak squarely at the feet of the Chinese Communist Party. they lied. No ifs or but's about it. They knew there was an outbreak, they knew there was human to human transmission, and they knew it was spread via Droplets/aerosol transmission to a mucosal membrane, Eyes, mouth, & nose. They also then shotgunned Millions of Chinese Nationals around the world including 250,000 Chinese National Students to US universities. But from that point on WE as a Society are to blame. WE didn't listen, WE didn't take this seriously, WE elected to be quite cavalier with the lives of those around us and those we live and visit with. Here in the Valley, Many still went to Mom and Dads house on Mothers and Fathers day. No Masks, Hugs and kisses for everyone, and NO MASKS! WE still went to Mexicali to visit family, Hugs Kisses and NO MASKS. The ability to get the transmission of this virus under control and save lives only works if Everyone participates, It will never work any other way !

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