Letter to the Editor

My response to “Trump wants to reopen America –here’s how.”

The author manages to include almost the whole narrative for the modern conservative. I am so impressed; I have distilled his points into bullets:

• References to Trump’s gifted instincts 

• Evil “experts” holding back his wisdom 

• “The cure is becoming worse than the disease” (symbolic handwashing)

• Bashing institutions

• War against Christians 

• Nazi Germany reference 

• Child rapists reference

• Shutdowns of gun shops

• Disregard of inconvenient evidence 

• Endorses chloroquine as a proven cure! 

• Oversimplification. Offers simple, common-sense steps as a solution 

This narrative is about the disregard for facts, institutions, about herd ideology, the cult of personality, control by fear, unconditional loyalty to a supreme leader. If we keep absorbing it, we will soon face a president who becomes the full-fledged all-knowing supreme entity. Separation of church and state will vanish, and paradoxically, the abuse of freedoms we enjoy today will usher in an authoritative state that will persecute dissentients.

Decades of social progress will dissipate. The only thing that will remain will be the narrative. This pandemic is an opportunity to test our beliefs. Not one single person will come out of this crisis on its own. We need strong public institutions to guide us. We are testing institutions that are the mark of civilization. The same tax-funded institutions that extreme ideologues despise in principle because they are evil. Walk away when somebody tells you that only he has the answer.

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