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My cousin, William Lewis, who lives in Santa Lucia, Honduras, wrote me after reading your recent article " Standout of the Year" by Ernest Ramos:

"Great piece! Not enough tributes to the fans who energize and support their teams with such dedication, far beyond victory and/or defeat. Beautiful how "the sport" (in this case the Wildcat Football Team) has brought the Brawley community together in so many ways and over so many seasons.

Would that the same commitment of togetherness and spirit prevail universally among people everywhere, competition notwithstsanding.

I suppose "the game" is ultimately life itself. We're definitely

all in it together in any and all "seasons.". Ultimately victory and defeat are a shared common denominator. Can't have one without the other.

Play the game heart and soul and losing is no less a victory. Win or lose, the true 'fans" will be there for the next kick-off. Adelante!"  

My cousin, Bill Lewis, who writes and paints in Honduras using the name Guillermo Yuscaran has become a Brawley Wildcat fan too.


George Fareed

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Betty Miller Staff
Betty Miller

Editor's Note: Forwarded by Dr. Fareed from his cousin Bill, the author of the letter: "Your keeping me in the Brawley gridiron loop with news reports and videos for the past few seasons has indeed made me a Wildcat fan------- as has the coincidental fact that I also played high school football for a California team called "The Wildcats." when you and your family supported us as fans...

There's something about a high school football game at night, under the lights, at kick-off time that brings a shared anticipation of both players and fans (many of them the parents of players) that is unique to sports. Nothing quite like it.

All the best to you.... and The Wildcats going forward."

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