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I have been following closely the activities of our Federal Government, employers, and schools in the forced vaccination of Americans in the fight against Covid. So far, those who have "fought" against a vaccine for which we are now learning has an effective period of approximately 6-8 months, that is NOT necessarily effective against variants and for which there are now very (60-70%) effective therapeutic treatments and prophylactics, continue to lose in court because the "law" says that employers are with in their rights to do so.

Well, I'm thinking that maybe we need to CHANGE THE LAW! And maybe, just maybe we should be holding the government that "developed" this virus financially and morally responsible for what it inadvertently(?) let loose on the world. Let's follow the money on this one folks.

BIG Pharma (and that includes Gates and Fauci) stand to gain a lot from the continued perpetuation of vaccines and their mandate over less expensive options that are "proving" to be at least as effective as the dwindling efficacy of the vaccine, but are being swept under the rug because they don't meet the narrative of the "vaxxers".


Diane Sykes

Crescent City, FL

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