Letter to the Editor

I am mad as heck and well, I am going to take action and write a letter. I have been a consumer of one of our media companies for many years. I won’t say their name, but it does rhyme with “fish!” Anyway, we lost our CBS and NBC connections this week. As senior citizens, we are more media dependent than others, so it should bug us more when media managers can’t do their due diligence and solve problems. We are pawns in media money matters, and we have little control over corporations, but we have some power.

Here are some suggestions: Be a smart shopper. We are cancelling a contract and signing a new one that may or may not pull the same “shinnanegans!” (These are things people do that mess with Shinn). The cancellation is coming today. You should write your TV company (writing is better than calling) and let them know of your disaffection.

Also write or call your local government representative. I am going to call Eduardo Garcia, our local state assemblyman (760-355-8656). You can write him (or visit his office) at 1101 Airport Road, Suite D, Imperial, CA 92251.

It may not change media mechanics, but what I am suggesting is good for your mental health, even if the media often isn’t!

Jim Shinn

1037 Sandalwood Drive EC 353-2467

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