mask discrimination

My name is George Doilez and I live in Southern California. I’m writing to you to share my story. I work at a local grocery store named Vons and with working at Vons we are a union worker (local 1167).

Since August of 2020 I have been out of a job due to the pandemic. I was suspended due to health discrimination. These conditions gave me an exemption from wearing the mask. I showed Vons HR and the Union my doctors notes and still suspended me.

The Union has still not tried to help me get my job back. After showing them many codes that this is against the law, two different doctors notes and an order from the local county health department that states exemptions. All the union has done was argue with me on my religious belief, haven’t bothered to do their job on getting me back to work or helped me in general. 

Every place I go into; it being a gas station, grocery stores, ect. I am being harassed. Even though I let them know right away that I am exempt from wearing a mask. I have recently been targeted on social media with a video going around that “showed” I was trying to fight an employee and “showed” an ugly view of me.

The video was posted on Facebook by the employee from the store Room Rack where I was shopping with my daughters for back-to-school shoes. You can clearly tell how they cut out a lot of the video which pictured me as a horrible person. The employee typed my first and last name, where I worked at and the town, I live in.

I’m also trying to see an eye doctor so I can get new glasses at Americans Best Lenses, which I’ve gotten glasses from them before, but they are medically discriminating me; by not allowing me to get an appointment. 

I’ve been discriminated left and right from many businesses because they can’t clearly read the whole mandate “law” where it says there are exemptions for people like me with health conditions nor does the local newspaper, news station or even the town council try to educate people on that part of the mandate. It makes it hard for me to provide for my family when I can’t get my day-to-day essentials and makes it hard for me to even make an appointment to see the doctor. 


George Doilez

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