The IID Division 2 race seems to offer us two completely different candidates. On one side we have JB Hamby who is young, energetic, and steadfast in his message delivery. In fact, he doesn’t seem to sway with the wind and, to date, hasn’t changed his message in order to receive various endorsements, Facebook likes, or campaign donations. Despite the childish attacks from his opponent, he has yet to waiver in his beliefs and has shown his ability to stay on message and completely ignore the mud-slinging coming from Camp Childers. This should not go without notice. It’s completely admirable and a testament to his ability to not be swayed by the outside noise.

This brings us to Mr. Childers. I and others have serious questions about his credibility and character. From day one of his campaign, he has leveraged his family, experience, and education as justification to vote for him over Mr. Hamby.

While raising a family is certainly admirable, it wasn’t listed as a qualification for the position/seat. Mr. Childers also, repeatedly, leverages his "education as an accountant" as one of his main achievements that set him apart from Mr. Hamby.

This message is spread throughout his campaign mailers and repeated consistently in debates. In fact, the IBEW Local 569 endorsed Childers because of his "accounting experience" and stated so on their Facebook page. But many people in El Centro have never known Mr. Childers to be an accountant, practice accounting, or even hold any kind of professional accounting certifications or licenses whatsoever.

We can assume he is intimately involved with the books of his small law firm but we fail to see how keeping the books of a small law firm with less than 10 employees translates to being uniquely able to handle the accounting responsibilities of the IID with it’s 1,400 employees and over $590,000,000 in revenue. By Mr. Childers’ logic, most of us are qualified to be surgeons because we can put a Band-Aids on a bleeding finger.

In a classic case of DC double-speak, Mr. Childers has actually minimized Mr. Hamby’s degree from Stanford by calling it simply just … you know, “reading books." Quite an interesting string of comments from Mr. Childers considering he is over-leveraging his own education, stating it gives him the experience of an accountant. How does a person minimize another’s education while, at the same time, overly exaggerate his own?     

More recently, on October 2, Mr. Childers posted a video of himself, on his campaign Facebook page, taking responsibility for El Toro’s decision to pause the expansion of their feedlot operations in Heber. Saying things like “…..because of me expressing my concerns, El Toro decided to withdraw their application for expansion.” Amazing! Now, just two short days after Mr. Childers’ grand claim, on October 4, the IV Press wrote an in-depth article regarding El Toro’s decision to stop it’s expansion project. Now, we have read that IV Press article multiple times and I couldn’t find any mention of Mr. Childers’ name or the IID. Plus, the situation doesn’t seem to even be an IID issue. This begs the question: Is Childers fabricating this story?

The double-speak from Childers doesn’t end with the El Toro claim. On September 24, he created and posted a video to his Facebook account questioning Hamby’s overall motive and decision to move to El Centro and run for the Division 2 seat. The video was/is extremely patronizing (this may be a glimpse in to Childers as a person), but it also eludes that Mr. Hamby may have interests that lie outside IID’s Division 2. Well, Mr. Childers has received large campaign donations from farmers all over the Valley, including farmers from Brawley. He has also received donations from corporations/businesses and people from outside the Imperial Valley all together. Why would someone in San Diego Orange County be giving large amounts of money to Mr. Childers’ campaign?

We don’t think its Mr. Hamby’s motives that should be questioned here.

The gross display of double-speak from Childers would have the politicians in DC jealous and it’s exactly the kind of campaign garbage we are all sick of here in the Valley.

As Division 2 voters, we would much rather support a candidate who is steadfast in their beliefs over the candidate who campaigns on condescension, embellishments, and out-right hypocritical lies.


J. Garcia & Family,

El Centro

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