When Obama was first running for president I had many Catholic friends blessing and praising Obama primarily because of his eloquent speeches and promise of wonderful Democratic leadership.

But when I questioned the friend on the Democratic liberal view on abortion, gay marriage, elimination of any sign of Christianity in our Nation, not to mention the overwhelming mass of liberal college professors indoctrinating the next generation, I was ridiculed and ostracized as to my lack of tolerance and understanding.

And God forbid if I were to bring up the music industry that continues to push the boundaries of common decency, I fondly refer to as  “Rap Crap!” 

Having lived in San Diego, it was a breath of fresh air when my wife and I first moved to Imperial Valley. No illicit massage parlors, nude bars, or twenty-four-hour pornographic warehouses as in San Diego. But instead, prayers said at high school graduations, “God bless you”  openly mentioned in public, and people praying at mealtime in restaurants. 

Then reality set in.

With an overwhelmingly Imperial Valley positive vote for a Democrat, Bob Filner, over a strong faith-based Republican, my wife and I were stunned. The reality that the Imperial Valley, with what we thought was a strong Catholic and Christian faith society, showed they either did not know who they were voting for or simply did not care as long as the Democratic Party 'promised a free lunch!'

Over time, Bob Filner eventually became mayor of San Diego, then forced to resign amid multiple allegations of sexual harassment. Filner later pleaded guilty to charges of false imprisonment and battery.

As a humorous side note — a famous San Diego nude nightclub comically posted large pictures of Bob Filner outside their building with bold red lines drawn through his face barring him from their establishment.  

But here we are today facing an upcoming election that may possibly be the most important of our lifetime and history shows Imperial Valley will vote Democratic yet once again.

But why? Don’t you stand for your foundational Catholic beliefs for you and your children? Don’t you light a luminaria candle for the thousands of aborted children in this nation? How does a God fearing Catholic or Christian justify voting Democrat with Democratic values so openly against the beliefs of the faith? I am not saying that every Republican politician is perfect by any means. But I do know the Republican Party stands strongly for the values of basic Catholic and Christian teachings. Not so, the Democratic party with their liberal agenda.

So, my neighbor, before mailing in your ballot or pulling the trigger in that voting booth… I simply ask that you examine your heart. Can you truly be a Catholic, yet still be a Democrat?


Imperial Lakes

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Janet Cowne

1 of the 5 non-negotiable beliefs of the Catholic Church is: Sanctity of Life. I read through the Democrat Platform and find that this belief is shunned totally. 2012 the DNC took 3 voice votes to include GOD and only did so because the chair called it so when the 2/3 clearly had not been reached. I could not find "God" in the 2020 Platform only an ambiguous: will respect religious beliefs. The 2020 DNC twice left the name GOD out in the Pledge, if not more times. PP is supported strongly by all leading Democrats. PP aborts more black babies than killed in our streets hundreds of times over every year. I simply agree with the writer, it is difficult to reconcile calling oneself a Catholic and a Democrat. Albeit many Republicans have the same moral dilemma. Trump is not one on the issue of sanctity of life as his first action as president began the protection of little ones yet born. This is on record his entire tenure as it is on the majority of Republicans.


How about this question. Can one be Republican and do God's work? After all they did elect as our leader one of the worlds most vile and grotesque person to ever walk this earth.

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