Letter to the Editor

Bernie Sanders the Best Choice for Veterans.

There is an old saying, “A man (or woman) cannot ride two horses at the same time.” Candidates who hold fundraisers in wealthy people’s living rooms and then claim to represent working Americans are being hypocritical. Senator Bernie Sanders has received the largest number of donations of any candidate for president in history up to this point, with an average donation of $18 and is the only top tier candidate with no billionaire donors. As the former chair and longtime member of the Senate Veterans Affairs Committee, Sanders has a longtime proven track record of standing up for veterans and ensuring they, and their dependents, receive the care and benefits they are entitled to.

Among other things Sanders will implement as President are: 1. Eliminate the VA benefits backlog, fully fund and resource the VA, and stop the privatization of the VA. 2. Fill the nearly 50,000 vacancies at the VA in Bernie’s first year as President. 3. Provide over 60 billion dollars in new funding to repair, modernize, and rebuild the VA infrastructure. 4. Expand the VA’s Caregivers Program together with mental health services for veterans. 5. Reform harmful VA regulations that restrict access to care and benefits based on character of discharge. Vietnam Era Veteran, US Army, and National Guard.

— Gordon Kobayashi

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