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Dear Calexico city council members

I don’t what is wrong with Mr. Urena trying to be an activist for the whole county, he was elected to help and work in the Calexico area. Now it seems he is all over the county. I thought bringing in new, young blood would be good for Calexico, but as I see it this guy is not for the city, along with his co-council Romo.

I think they want to control the city by themselves. I don’t want to remind people that Ms. Romo was on the Calexico school board, if she left or was outed, I don’t know.

There is the rumor that Mr. Urena was not living In Calexico when he applied to run, does someone know the truth? Anyway, Mr. Urena and Ms. Romo should stick to being for the city, and Ms. Romo, I suggest you don’t fall under Urena’s spell and do your own decision making. 

I’ve known Ms. Fernandez for many years and know that she is and will continue to do good for the city. She is an RN and an ex-customs officer.

But Mr. Urena seems to think all those supposed homeless are farm laborers, they are not. Those are people that chose to live on the street, so not be bothered by paying bills. Another thing those homeless, Mr Urena, get a check from Social Security, without ever being employed all their life. Do you think that’s fair for those of us that have worked? And sometimes struggle to get their benefits? And these people get it and spend it on drugs. 

In my opinion, they should be housed in rehab centers and their monthly check go to paying the bill. Lets work for the city of CALEXICO and quit your bickering.


Ernest Garcia

Calexico, CA

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