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I was browsing from Japan to find out indefatigable spirit of the American and came up with your site. Somehow, major media of the U.S. seems completely polarized and controlled by a certain group which has a hidden intention.

But, since I was stationed in the U.S. for five years, I had believed some American never surrender. Honestly, the situation is almost the same in Japan, too. All major media is one-sided and is trying to block information related to Ivermectin, even though one Japanese researcher developed the medicine and won Novel prize in the past.

But, it's likely some people became aware of the truth. Some people started importing generic Ivermectin by themselves, taking the medicine for self-medication and reported the result through SNS. Luckily SNS does not block such a post yet. I'm in Japan, but checking articles in your website. I'm one of the biggest fan of you guys.


Terry Honda


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