Letter to the Editor

We would like to thank our community for their support for the 2020 California Mid-Winter Fair and throughout the year. We are very fortunate that we were able to conduct our fair, unlike many of our fellow fairs who have had to cancel/postpone their events.

Currently, we are planning as if we will be able to have our 2021 California Mid-Winter Fair; however, there is the possibility we may not. In Governor Newsome's four phased approach to reopening California, Fairs are considered part of Phase 4. Due to the uncertainty of any timelines at this time there is no guarantee that we will be able to conduct our 2021 California Mid-Winter Fair.

We realize that livestock exhibitors are beginning to seek out and purchase animals with the expectation of showing and selling at our 2021 Fair but at this time we would recommend against this. There are no current ownership deadlines for any species of animals which come into play at this time. Delaying purchases will provide more time to pass and provide all of us with a better understanding of what the future holds. 

Our Fair Board and the staff at Imperial Valley Fairgrounds will continue to stay involved in the discussions revolving around reopening California. Rest assured, there is no higher priority than the safety of our fair participants, partners, guests, staff, and volunteers. We will make any future decisions based on what’s best for the health and well-being of our fair community at large and will be prepared once we are given confirmation that we can move forward with plans for 2021.


—45th DAA Board of Directors

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