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I don't understand this government. They take all troops out and now they are bringing thousands of ‘so-called’ U.S. citizens, most of those are Afghan citizens, that chose to go back there after they got their green cards or became U.S. citizens. 

Why should we worry about them? They chose not to fight the Taliban and surrendered. It’s the same all over. They cry to come here to get their residence. Then when they get here, they all of sudden don't fear their country and go back. Are we supposed to be the caretaker of the world? No. 

They can fight for their rights in their countries but don’t. When they get here, they fight the U.S. for their rights here. I think it's complete bull. 

We should get the interpreters and families along with our U.S. soldiers out of Afghanistan, not every Tom, Dick, and Harry.  We are bringing two hundred thousand refugees and we don't know who they are. Soon we will have Sharia law in our country and suicide bombings in the U.S. and all that is because bleeding hearts cry for them.

I say let them feed and care for them. We have enough U.S. citizens who need help and are being overlooked to care for people who I consider traitors of two colors. Open your eyes, not your hearts, and understand we cannot afford refugees from all over the world.


Ernest Garcia

Calexico, CA

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The same is true for the hispanic people. Instead of flooding USA, they can fight poverty and corruption in their own countries. As you said, we are not caretaker of the world. As Trump said they only send their murderers and rapists, these people come over here and commit murders and rapes, right? I don't agree with Trump at all, I am just trying to expose the flaws in your argument. We don't look at ourselves, but always jump to make controversial comments about others.

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