Imperial Valley miracle one was appropriation of 20 to 30% of Colorado River with seniority- First Priority Right, 1901. Father award of Present Perfected Right adds enormously to value.

Today with epic long term drought, every water user representing 60 million people must now plan a worst case scenario. This means profound new demand for more water.
What do you want Imperial Valley to be like for your children and grand children? 
If you choose Desert Miracle #2; what is your strategic plan? This is the future of the valley and responsibility of each citizen to be part of the process. The process to determine the future of Colorado River will be debated for the next 5 years.  Who do you want to negotiate for you?
This is the Super Bowl of Colorado River Water. Will Imperial Valley put a super bowl talent team on the field? 
Since my interest in Valley Water in 1982, my concern is that this matter requires the most experienced experts in economics, politics, legal, environmental, social interest, financial and business strategic
management. IID is a non profit. It does not have the necessary resources and cannot develop such experience immediately. Does it make sense to develop a special forces power base counter force to face the many multi year experts the 7 basin states have? Would such a team create the fundamental basis for
IID to strategically be in a position to make the rules and lead? 
PRIORITY  is 90% of Western Water Law. IID has it. Will the Imperial Valley choose to be part of this process?
Will all the citizens support putting a professional team in the game?
Remember, it is 60 million have nots against 200,000 valley folks who deserve to receive the unusual value in the pioneers water rights. Don't kid yourself, as rationing becomes reality, they will want your water.
Each state has senators and congressmen who will demand more water for their respective state. 
This opportunity at hand is to make it a win/win by conserving every drop of what they will call wasted water and negotiating smart leases to create Desert Miracle # 2... Do you agree it is time that "He who has the water-- IID --
makes the rules?   It is up to everyone to think deeply; what kind of future do you want; and how you plan to get it.
Tom Havens

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