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I am proud to announce that I am a candidate for the IID Board of Directors for Division 2.

I am running for the IID Board because I believe that it is time for the IID to take its rightful place of leadership on the issues that matter most to this Valley. Issues like the preservation and protection of our water rights, keeping our power rates low and affordable, restoring the Salton Sea, and demanding action on the New River.

I will work to build a more efficient, effective, and responsive IID. An IID that is better able to serve our community, preserve our birthright, and protect our way of life.

The time has come for leadership that will not stand idly by while malignant forces chip away at our water rights or watch while outsiders seek to dilute and diminish our political sovereignty. We cannot allow our God given right to determine own destiny to be diluted or diminished. We deserve leadership that understands that this is a fight for our future, our children’s future, and the future of our Valley.

I was born and raised in the IID division I am now seeking to represent. My wife Allison and I are proud to be raising our children William and Abigail as fifth generation Valley residents.

I believe that it is the responsibility of every parent to work to make their community a better place for future generations. It was this belief that led me to run for the school board nearly 12 years ago.

I am proud to have served my community all these years on our school boards. I believe that my education as an accountant and lawyer, my experience as a former prosecutor, lawyer representing numerous governmental entities, businessman, coach, Rotarian, Bar Association President, and as a board member for the IVC Foundation, the Sheriff’s Athletic League, and ARC of Imperial Valley, in addition to my experience as a school board member, has prepared me to be able to better serve my community as a member of the IID Board.

On March 3rd please vote for me, Ryan Childers for the IID Board of Directors, Division 2.


Ryan Childers

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More platitudes and cliches. Smart to leverage a highly sensitive issue like the Salton Sea and New River but Childers possess a high political IQ. He knows exactly what to say and how to say it to get the most attention for his cause. He wont do a thing to help the very issues he leverages here in his letter. Mark my words, IF he gets into office he'll simply kick the can down the road. Iconoclast; NO. Carpet-bagging politician: YES. Someone should ask about his political affiliation and why it changed. He just wants attention. Nothing to see here folks


If memory serves me correct, wasn't Mr. Childers initial intention to run for the County Board of Supervisors? Why would he suddenly decide to run for IID when it was no secret, at least for those "in the know," his desire to be a County Supervisor?

Is he being used? A Trojan Horse? A puppet? He is intelligent and I hope that he does not intend to simply be the mouthpiece for those that convinced him to run for this position.


I wish Ryan nothing but the best, and hopefully he is not being backed by Abatti hoping to stack the IID Board in his favor. IF this turns out to be the case, and we all will know shortly after the election when Mr Abatti comes out of his self imposed "Hibernation" Don't disappoint those of us who respect you and your work Ryan by becoming a Rich Farmers "Yes Man"


Dude is lawyer. What is to respect?

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