Letter to the Editor

What were the county supervisors thinking when they decided to tear down the port of entry with not all the funding in their hands- counting their chickens before they hatched. That is the most ridiculous and inane idea. 

Now that they started it is just a big mess, coming and especially going back, but I guess they don’t care about people going into Mexico, just the greed of having those that live in Mexico and shop here to spend their monies here in the valley.

Now that the damage is done why on earth don’t they plead with the Government to open the east port completely, instead of having all the traffic in town. I think the east port is not open because they don’t have enough personnel and the reason is the lie detector test that is given, where as many don’t pass even though they get many applicants with good standing.

That test is just plain stupid. Any one can flunk it just by being nervous or under stress for something else. If the east port was open, the traffic would be much better going south, but all those geniuses think they know it all.

Another thing is why not talk to CBP and explain to them some of their officers need better training. They close the lane when they want to, they talk to one another while the vehicle is ready for inspection, things they could do on their breaks. 

Now they have an inspection where you have to show your paperwork way before you cross then show it again when you get to the booth, (that by the way is wrong keeping those inspectors in this heat with no AC or fan). 

So I say to county supervisor do you job and have CBP open up the east port while they get the money, or if they get it soon. We need the east port open more hours and have a better training officer cause the one they have don’t know what he is doing or maybe its management that is not doing their job.


Ernest Garcia

Calexico, CA

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