Mayor Rosie Arreola-Fernandez

The current political climate has presented the need to continue to work together and invest in maintaining professionalism and transparency. It is important to join and partner with other cities, in particular the City of El Centro and the City of Imperial, to ensure we continue to treat each other with respect, dignity, and professionalism. As mayor, I have the responsibility that these efforts are elevated through the voices and actions during my tenure as mayor.

As City councilmembers, we are accountable to the community and to each other for our actions and words. We must hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards and ensure that we act with integrity and lead by example. I believe the current behavior and actions from Councilmember Raul Urena are unethical and, in addition, they hurt and offend the values that make this City a welcoming place for all.

I applaud the City of El Centro and the City of Imperial for addressing Councilmember Urena’s recent statements of unsupported incidents of police brutality. They are hollow arguments and a shameful betrayal of our fundamental regional spirit. We represent the residents of Calexico, and our values and principles are shared with everyone throughout Imperial County. We stand for the citizens of Calexico and work in unison as one Council for the wellbeing of the businesses and residents of Calexico.

To conclude, as mayor I will continue to maintain effective communication to help strengthen regional diplomacy. I trust for a better future for our City, working hand-in-hand with our partners and our community.

The City of Calexico widely recognizes the need to work cooperatively with other municipalities and asserting political will where others have stepped back.


Rosie Arreola-Fernandez


City of Calexico

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