Letter to the Editor

Dr. Fareed,

I would like to express my deep gratitude for your willingness to treat so many like me who have contracted and survived the COVID-19 virus. I sought help within my community in Michigan and received, in my opinion, medical care that was wanting, given without a true evaluation of where I was and how my body was dealing with the virus. On the 10th day of my illness (outlined below), my wife heard you on a national radio show speaking of your protocol. This was her expectation when I was taken to the ER. Please see the treatment plan I received from my local medical community below.

I had been suffering muscle and joint aches for four days when I tested positive and sought help from my primary care physician. My primary care physician recommended vitamins (C, D3, and Zinc), and stated that I should go to the emergency room if my pulse oxygen level dropped below 90.

I began the vitamin regimen and proceeded to get much, much worse. By the seventh day, I could not get out of bed due to chills (no fever), muscle and joint aches.  

On the 9th day, my pulse oxygen level was at 90 and so I went to the emergency room.

At the ER, they prescribed an inhaler (the type used for asthma) and chicken soup and sent me home without observation or any other treatments. I was seen for a total of 20 minutes and sent home with no relief.

It was on the 12th day that we contacted you and were surprised to receive a response the following morning. I began your regimen immediately and began to see moderate improvement on day one, but solid and consistent improvement over the next two days.

I have completed your regimen and was back to work and fully functioning by the 6th day.

Thank you, Dr. Fareed. Your talent, knowledge, and willingness to treat me has brought me back to full productivity and health. I have and will continue to highly recommend you to anyone who is need of your excellent skills.

Best Regards,

Marc DuBois

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For a local physician from California to offer treatment to someone in Michigan and then save their life is extraordinary. Dr. Fareed is not only a blessing to the Imperial Valley but to the nation. He spoke before the US Senate as a national leader, a physician's physician. He wrote an open letter to Dr. Fauci. He and Dr. Tyson treated 5,000 patients and saved all but two. If all physicians in the US followed Dr. Fareed's example, the pandemic would have ended long ago. Dr. Fareed was voted the California Physician of the Year in 2015. I say we nominate him for the United States Physician of the Year in 2021.

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