Turkey trots


Ahead of Thanksgiving next month, California Governor Gavin Newsom released restrictions.

Thanksgiving is a time for family, related or not, to gather to give thanks. Now, there might not be much to give thanks for in 2020, but the fact we survived a world-wide pandemic is reason enough. A chance to spend time with loved ones is another.

To say no more than three households can gather is nonsense. People who do not want to be exposed will stay home. Those who have already associated with those households individually, or all have been isolated pose little threat. And if someone gets COVID? The survival route is 99 percent, perhaps higher if you chose a doctor who uses hydroxychloroquine. 

Another restriction says it must be held outdoors. For the Valley, that is usually doable, and enjoyable if space is available. But we shouldn’t have to be outdoors. We have had protests, large rallies, been to Costco, Walmart, and Vons. Yet we have to eat outdoors. What if we have a day like last Sunday where the wind tore through the Valley? The food, guests, and settings would be covered with dust. No thanks.

Another ridiculous demand is two hours or less — for Thanksgiving? Our families are just getting started after two hours. Some families have traveled two hours just to get to the feast. They would have more time on the road than eating. And remember, it is a feast. Who wants to rush through mashed potatoes, yams, gravy, and cranberry sauce in record time? And the host will be doing all the clean up when usually it is the best time to catch up with family as they jointly restore order to the kitchen while football screams are heard in the next room. Newsom is a Scrooge one holiday early. Bah humbug!

Newsom was kind to say the guests can enter the house to use the restroom. If he knew how many port-a-potties the Valley has, he probably would have made us use those instead. Now the guests can only use the indoor restroom if the host constantly sanitizes. Just how all hosts want to spend their time…

"The longer the duration [of the gathering], the risk of transmission increases," the governor’s statement noted.

Masks must stay on after eating and drinking the order says. Yeah right. As if that is going to happen. One can just see the outdoor table seating, one plate every six feet.

Once again, our benevolent dictator had a moment of softness for his minions, "Face coverings can also be removed to meet urgent medical needs (for example, to use an asthma inhaler, take medication, or if feeling light-headed)." What would we do without his love?

Of course, no singing or shouting, well there goes the football game.

“Those who do participate in these activities should do so quietly (at or below the volume of a normal speaking voice), and wear a face covering while engaged in the activity,” the statement said. Well, maybe we can have our football game since everyone always cheers on their team quietly — not.

“As much as possible, all food and drink should be served in disposable containers, while self-serve communal containers and other shared items should not be used at the gathering.

A place for washing hands or hand sanitizer must be available for use at the gathering and all attendees should wash their hands or use hand sanitizer frequently,” the statement noted.

Nothing screams Thanksgiving like disposable containers and hand sanitizing stations.

When free people live under tyrants, disobedience happens. 

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