Drs. Malhotra and McCullough

The Epoch Times Landmark Interview with Drs. Malhotra and McCullough

 Just as Big Tobacco hid the truth for decades as millions died from cigarettes, today Big Pharma has gotten away with murder as the United States' life expectancy has plummeted from Number 3 in 1960 to Number 46 today.

No one can argue this drop, and no amount of censoring, spinning, or propagandizing can alter it.

The government may attempt to argue that it is because of smoking and obesity; however, smoking rates have historically been greater in the higher-ranked nations. And obesity is related mainly to the lies we have been told about fat and cholesterol being more harmful than processed foods and sugar.

Why would our beloved United States government lie to us? For the same reason they were complicit with Big Tobacco for decades in hiding the truth about cigarette smoking - money - the good old US dollar. Big-monied interests have captured our nation and its regulatory agencies. First, we saw Big Tobacco's hefty campaign contributions to key politicians. Next, it has been the Food Industry and its millions in persuasion. Finally, and most importantly, it has become Big Pharma and their brethren: The World Economic Forum, that friendly collection of Billionaire-run corporations now so familiar to us - those legendary rags to riches names including Gates, Bezos, Bourla, Bancel, Bloomberg, Zuckerberg, and others.

These colossal interests support other monstrous monied pursuits, including profitable - albeit not-so-healthy processed foods, mRNA genetic shots [renamed as "vaccines"], and of course, patented, expensive drugs like statins and chemotherapies - to the exclusion of cheap and effective repurposed drugs.

These interests also enjoy controlling the narrative through strategic ownership or influence of various media outlets like the Washington Post, the New York Times, Wikipedia, PBS Newshour, NPR, etc.

For example, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation heavily contributed to PBS, while Jeff Bezos purchased the Washington Post. So it is no wonder these sites will attack cheap, repurposed drugs no matter how safe and effective, yet promote expensive patented new drugs, regardless of how dangerous and ineffective.

Go against them at your peril. They can make anyone look bad. If you have any questions about that, take a look at websites that no longer exist, and compare them with today's versions. For this task, I consulted the Wayback Machine, the globalists' worst enemy, as it can retrieve censored or purged internet pages.

Viewing these pages is instructive as it can show patterns of censorship and propaganda. For more on this, feel free to view my book, Ivermectin for Freedom: Truth, Lies, and Marxism, the only one of mine to have been taken down from Amazon but still can be found on Barnes and Noble.

Take their Wikipedia pages, for starters. When Intensivist Dr. Paul Marik published his groundbreaking study of the combination of Ascorbic Acid (vitamin C), Thiamine, and Hydrocortisone against Sepsis in 2017, it showed remarkable benefits with minuscule risk. His 2020 Wikipedia page was fairly tame, and it respectfully addressed Dr. Marik as Professor of Medicine and Chief Division of Pulmonary Medicine and Critical Care at Eastern Virginia Medical School, noting his Vitamin C sepsis cocktail was under active multi-center clinical trials. It credited him at that time with "releasing a strategy for COVID-19, collecting best available information, also prophylaxis, providing recommendations on emerging science." The Wayback Machine reveals how his Wikipedia page appeared in 2017.

After criticism by Dr. Lemeneh and colleagues, Dr. Marik's response letter, contained as a reference on his 2020 Wikipedia pages, reads as follows:

An independent data analytics company which has access to the discharge data of hospitals in this country became aware of our study; they independently (and without our hospital requesting this data) have shown that the sepsis mortality for our entire hospital has fallen from 23% to 8% from January 2016 to January 2017; quite remarkable considering that this protocol has only been used in our MICU.   Similarly, the standardized mortality ratio in our MICU has fallen from 0.69 to 0.33. I suppose the “experts” will again consider this “fake data.” Our protocol is now being used by over 50 medical centers in the USA and across the world (I have lost count of the numbers). The reported results are reproducible time over time, over time again.

Of course, the heart of the problem was that it was so effective, cheap, and safe that it threatened Big Pharma profits, so it had to be stopped. Dr. Marik had to be discredited and now fast forward to his current Wikipedia Page. In sharp contrast, Dr. Marik's 2022 Wikipedia page is defamatory and is filled with words like misinformation, unsupported claims, reprimand, and false. 

And if you think Dr. Marik's Wikipedia page is an anomaly, then consider what happened to his colleague  - the page of Dr. Pierre Kory. In my previous article, “Wikipedia and a Pint of Gin,” I wrote about Dr. Kory's Wikipedia defamation. This Wayback Machine reveals how his Wiki page appeared in late 2021 when I wrote the story. The page, although defamatory, is relatively tame.

However, today, there is no amount of alcohol that could sugarcoat the vitriol Wikipedia now uses to describe Kory. Therefore, I cannot and will not repeat the defamation. As I note in “Pint of Gin,” these Wikipedia editors are non-scientists. They are hired gun fact checkers who exist to promote an agenda on behalf of a powerful monied interest.

Dr. Kory has now saved hundreds of thousands of lives worldwide, including in countries like Mexico, India, Japan, and Indonesia, because of his outspoken public education on the benefit of the repurposed drug, Ivermectin. I describe his passion, calling, and God-given skills in my book, Ivermectin for the World.

Dr. Kory's journey, soon to be released, can be found in his book, War on Ivermectin.

However, only an entity that is the essence of evil could attack such a person, and Wikipedia - obviously captured - did just that. Furthermore, they dare to suggest that Kory is attempting to profit from this information on repurposed drugs and Ivermectin by seeing patients and charging a fee - similar to most physicians - while Big Pharma has already profited to the tune of tens of billions in this pandemic with highly questionable and untested products associated with the sudden and unexplained deaths of many.

And recently, they have petitioned to increase the mRNA COVID-19 vaccination charge to 120 dollars per person per shot. They hope these booster shots will be mandated for the entire population annually for the foreseeable future. This fee represents a 400 percent increase in the price in one year. The charge for 350 million Americans to receive this 120-dollar shot would be about 42 billion dollars which might be justified if we still had an active pandemic and these shots saved lives. However, according to Dr. Aseem Malhotra and Dr. Peter McCullough, in a recent interview with Epoch Times, neither is true.

Instead, Dr. Malhotra and Dr. McCullough note the harms from the mRNA vaccines exceed their benefits, and no COVID public health emergency currently exists [30:46]. As Dr. Malhotra explains, "[31:06] The pandemic is over."

Dr. Aseem Malhotra, a prominent UK Cardiologist, called out Big Pharma's strategy when he recalled a favorite quote - "Always accuse your enemy of exactly what you are doing"- a first principle of the old KGB [34:19]. Unfortunately, this tactic is precisely what was used against Dr. Kory.

Life Insurance statistics now reveal a 40 percent increase in death among the healthiest employed groups in our population. 

According to Edward Dowd, a Wall-Street financial expert, this unexplained increase in worldwide deaths commenced not with the pandemic but only after the mRNAinjection roll-out.

Today, any prominent physician who dares to speak out against the narrative is subject to vicious media assault and character assassination. In addition, to the extent Big Pharma and their brethren can, they are often stripped of employment at a medical school or research facility, tarred, and feathered with board decertification or license loss.

Despite all this, Dr. Aseem Malhotra, a prominent UK Cardiologist, and former mRNA vaccine proponent, and Dr. Peter McCullough, a highly published US academic and the Founder and President of the Cardio-Renal Society of America, have come out publicly against the COVID-19 mRNA vaccine calling it toxic, dangerous and the cause of sudden cardiac death in many. Dr. Malhotra has called its approval and use a "crime," and McCullough has published a book that says the same.

Naturally, Malhotra and McCullough have found themselves in the crosshairs. Dr. McCullough, who began speaking out in 2021, has called the mRNA injections of spike protein among the most toxic substance ever injected into a human being.

Malhotra notes that the spike protein exposure from the COVID-19 viral infection is much less harmful in general than the spike protein the mRNA injection stimulates the body to produce. Consequently, the harms from the mRNA vaccine are considered much greater than the harms from the COVID-19 infection - a fact never acknowledged by the mainstream media. 

Dr. McCullough explained it this way:

[04:32] There now are 200 papers showing that myocarditis (from the COVID vaccine spike protein) causes heart damage and a scar, and then the scar becomes the basis for a cardiac arrhythmia, and then the arrhythmia is responsible for the sudden death that we are seeing, and we are seeing sudden death on a massive scale in younger people – it’s my view that it’s the COVID-19 vaccine until proven otherwise.

If a healthy person suddenly dies, and there’s no antecedent disease, it’s the vaccine until proven otherwise.

Until proven otherwise

Dr. Aseem Malhotra used the same words - and he used them independently. During a joint interview between Drs. McCullough, Malhotra and The Epoch Times, Dr. Malhotra explained:

[11:29] I think all cardiovascular conditions have worsened because of the vaccine. And everything and anything that can go wrong with the heart has gone wrong with the heart as a result of these mRNA vaccines - there's no doubt about it. And that's why Peter and I both had essentially said that if doctors are not aware of a possible diagnosis, they'll never diagnose it. So many doctors still, unfortunately, including cardiologists and not even conceive of the possibility that the amount in a vaccine can cause these problems, but the list is there; it's endorsed by The WHO whether its cardiac arrhythmia, atrial fibrillation, heart attacks, myocarditis, heart failure. And I've managed all of these people in the community who have been vaccine injured, and their doctors have missed it, but I've picked it up.

When asked again by the interviewer as to how Dr. Malhotra came up with the phrase, "it's the vaccine until proven otherwise," Malhotra further elaborated,

[12:45] I think we came up with it independently because I got to think I was trying to capture people's attention for cardiologists to understand that these so-called unexplained events that were happening where it doesn't fit - if that's the case with a cardiac issue, then you have to include it as part of your differential diagnosis - the side effect of the vaccine in there. So it’s trying to shift the discussion rather than as a default, you've got another explanation why someone has suffered a sudden death or had a heart attack or an arrhythmia, that you have to consider it being the vaccine until you've proven that there's another more likely cause.

Dr. McCullough recited data from recent studies which implicated the COVID-19 vaccines as the likeliest cause of the slew of recent blood clotting and hemorrhagic events overtaking the population - often in the very young and robustly healthy, who should not be having these issues. He drew attention to his and Malhotra's expertise in the heart and their agreement on this point.

[52:10] These cardiovascular syndromes are real. We're both cardiologists. You know, this is right in our wheelhouse, and I'm not having anybody come up to me and give me any other explanation outside of the fact that, indeed it’s due to the vaccines. The literature agrees. The regulatory agencies agree. And at this point in time, these injuries and problems don't stop until the vaccines stop.

Dr. Malhotra added that it is not just the two of them. 

[52:40] I recently got a text message from a well-known cardiologist who doesn't want to be named in the UK. To summarize, in his view, we are dealing with the biggest crime against humanity since WWII.

When asked what could be done, Malhotra's advice was to have a national or worldwide campaign against drug companies and the excesses of Big Pharma, a "just say no" policy [54:19]. He explained we should never again allow drug companies to run their own studies and then hold on to their data, and they also should be prevented from party political donations.

[54:50] Governments cannot do their job properly if they're taking money from Pharma when it comes to the health of the population. It’s a no-brainer. I believe in true democracy, Jan (Jekielek), and any person or any citizen you might ask in the UK or Europe or wherever else, and if you put this to them, 99 percent of people would agree that these cozy links with Pharma and regulators shouldn't exist, and that means you need to change the law through Democratic means.

Dr. McCullough observed the undeniable parallel - something I have long written about - between the corruption in the Tobacco Industry and now in Big Pharma, where the consumer's health gets thrown under the bus in pursuit of obscene profits:

[55:29] You remember the Big Tobacco settlement in the end when there's finally a recognition that smoking caused all these problems. The Tobacco Industry had to pay, and a lot of that payment went to research. We should have a vaccine settlement where a massive amount of money comes back from the vaccine manufacturers and the HHS - they actually promoted this - to fund vaccine injury research. We need strategies for screening, detection, diagnosis, prognosis, and management.

Dr. Malhotra was an active proponent of the Pfizer mRNA vaccine early on in the Pandemic. He even received two mRNA vaccinations himself. However, following his father's death and an autopsy, the doctor re-evaluated the data. He found that the risk of cardiac death was more significant in the vaccinated group than in the unvaccinated group. In this interview with GB News, Dr. Malhotra gave a damning interview that condemned the mRNA vaccines. Dr. Malhotra noted cardiac inflammation associated with the Pfizer vaccine and serious adverse events at the rate of 1 in 800. He pointed out that the Swine flu vaccine in 1976 was pulled due to Guillain Barre Syndrome at a rate of 1 in 100,000. The Rota Virus vaccine was pulled due to bowel obstruction at a frequency of 1 in 10,000. Why, he asks, is this vaccine not being removed with serious adverse events at 1 in 800 [07:55]?

In the Epoch Times Interview, McCullough explained that there is a cumulative risk to the shots. With each additional injection, the risk of an adverse event increases, and he advised people to stop getting them [58:30] immediately.

Dr. Malhotra concludes the interview with advice informed not only by the data but by the sudden death of his father following vaccination.

[58:30] Peter (McCullough) makes a very good point. There is a cumulative risk. What we need to tell them is to say no right now. Make sure they tell everybody - their kids, their family, their parents. Do not take any more of these shots - It's all risk and no benefit.

As a practicing physician, the rate of myocarditis and its potentially life-ending or lifelong-altering effects are shocking. Unfortunately, I was unaware of the magnitude of these events before viewing this interview. Therefore, I would advise all my readers to review the final paragraphs at least twice and then share them with others, particularly family members.

First, Dr. Malhotra describes the rule of thirds when discussing myocarditis. It is far from a mild illness, and according to Dr. Malhotra, the majority of those afflicted either die quickly or suffer life-long heart issues. 

[04:34] Something we learn in medicine is the rule of thirds. A third of people are going to going to get worse and die when they get myocarditis...It can happen to anybody. In fact, my elder brother got myocarditis and died from myocarditis. A third will die. A third will have impairment of heart muscle pump function and live with that for a long time but not die. And a third will be sick momentarily, and then they get back to normal.

This is a far cry from what the CDC stated on its public website - “Most patients with myocarditis or pericarditis who received care responded well to medicine and rest and felt better quickly.”

Dr. McCullough provides particularly chilling data surrounding the increased risk of myocarditis after an mRNA vaccination. 

Dr. McCullough begins with the background rate of natural myocarditis was established in a Finish study and is widely accepted as about 4 cases per million per year. According to Dr. McCullough, that did not appreciably change with the advent of the pandemic, and myocarditis did not become a problem until after the vaccinations began [07:23].

However, after the mass vaccination campaign commenced, and younger and younger age groups received the shot, the rate of myocarditis shot up substantially. Early studies by Hoag estimated the post-vaccine increase to be about 250 cases per million. However, a later study suggested the actual number was higher at around 500 cases per million. The most recent data with studies by Le Pessec and Mansanguan put the number at a shocking 25,000 cases per million following the third shot [11:03].

When you consider the rule of thirds and the implication of death for one-third - mostly within the children aged 13 to 18, perhaps you will understand why many consider this the worst crime against humanity since WWII and indeed have filed a complaint with the International Criminal Court in The Hague calling for the arrest and prosecution of those responsible.

Dr. Aseem Malhotra, a brilliant and caring cardiologist, decided upon his career while a boy after witnessing the death of his older brother with heart failure following his myocarditis infection.

I was 11, and he was 13. It had a profound impact on me. As a person, he was a very loving boy. I think, in many ways, that taught me about being compassionate. On the scientific side, his heart-related issue drew my attention to cardiology.


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