Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft, with former CEOs Bill Gates, and Steve Ballmer: CC BY-SA 4.0

Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft, with former CEOs Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer. CC BY-SA 4.0

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella sold nearly half his Microsoft stock in November of last year - his largest sale in more than ten years.

Coincidentally, this happened at the peak of Microsoft's stock price, and since then, the stock has plummeted from 340 to 226, losing one-third its value. His sale of 838,584 shares on November 22, 2021, at a share price of $340.26, netted him an astonishing $285 million.

Had he sold last Thursday, October 27, he would have received only $226 per share for a paltry $185 million - or $100 million less.

You or I may not benefit from a personal connection with Bill Gates, arguably the most knowledgeable person on the planet, regarding the timeline of the Great Reset and the details. Like when the US stock market will crash, when digital currency will be introduced, and when vaccine and manufactured coronavirus patents will be filed. 

However, while most were outraged over Martha Stewart's $45 thousand profit from her insider trading violation - enough to put her in prison - no one will think twice about Satya Nadella's $100 million windfall, not even our U.S. Justice Department. Our judicial system has been hopelessly captured by the radicalized Democratic Party through the Swan and instituted and continued under the direction of none other than former President Barack Hussein Obama.

We all now enjoy a rare calm-before-the-storm moment, one where the price of gasoline mysteriously falls as President Biden smooths all our feathers before the mid-term elections, hoping we will all vote Democrat. His wish is for the voters to believe all is well in America, with the stock market rallying and food plentiful on the shelves. We can all delude ourselves into thinking that the worst is behind us. That we have nothing but a bright future ahead of us - racial and gender equality for all, student loan bailouts for the young, renewed prosperity, and a government that has our back.

But if you believe that, you might also think that Joe Biden is fit to be President and John Fetterman is suitable to perform the duties of a Senator. Speaking from my background as a physical medicine and rehabilitation physician with almost four decades of experience treating stroke patients suffering from aphasia, I am acutely aware of the plight of these patients.

Although many can return to meaningful function, most of the recovery is complete within six to twelve months of the stroke. For John Fetterman, Pennsylvania’s current lieutenant governor who is now running for the US Senate, some six months have passed since his event. Unfortunately, the Senate candidate remains substantially impaired in his ability to communicate in interviews, debates, and the everyday work of a Senator, which involves public appearances, attendance at meetings, and expressing the specifics of his views. We already have witnessed how President Biden's dementia has affected his performance. Unfortunately, we cannot sacrifice competence for inclusion as the Democrats continue to do, whether it involves the military, the President, and now a senator.

If we do, we will see exactly what has occurred with this misguided policy - the weakening of our military, the wrecking of our economy, and the ruination of our Republic. Look no further than generals McInerney and Vallely's warnings in my Swan Takeover article, where those in the know see the deterioration in our nation's ability to defend itself due to prioritizing things like pronoun use and gender equality training at the expense of jet-training hours. Woke leftist policies are compromising our nation's defense.

We see the panic in airline companies that now shun the hiring of top guns - Air Force Academy Graduates who are mainly white males, in favor of more diversified races and genders who may not be as skilled or trained in aviation.

Southwest Airlines employees called this hiring policy a "recipe for disaster." While competence and skill were previously the top prerequisites for hiring, now the priority has become racial minorities with leftist political views and alternate sexual preferences. 

The stark reality is unfortunate - should a plane crash occur, it would not only mean tragedy for hundreds of families but could also end an airline corporation's existence. As for the nation, our beloved United States of America, it is the same. We could all find ourselves losing our Constitution and its Bill of Rights. We could awaken one day to totalitarian rule if we continue to value inclusiveness over competence - a distinctly communist ideology.

According to many, this transformation is imminent. The advent of CBDC or a Central Bank Digital Currency would be the death knell for our free society - and with the new UK Prime Minister, it is a prime goal [10:15]. The new PM is Rishi Sunak, who happens to be the pride of Klaus Schwab with his own WEF web page and a net worth of some $830 million U.S. or £730 million Britishn equivelant - largely through his wife's stock in her father's corporation, Infosys. Rishi Sunak, born in India, earned an MBA at Stanford University as a Fulbright Scholar. He first worked at Goldman Sachs and later at the Children's Investment Fund in London. He was elected to the House of Commons in 2014 and has served as the UK Financial Minister under PM Boris Johnson.

While his wife is exempted from tax on her fortune and most of its earnings, Sunak imposed draconian tax policies on the rest of the UK citizens while in charge.

Financial Adviser Neil McCoy-Ward said, “[05:11] Even Queen Elizabeth wasn’t as rich as Sunak. Before she died, it was reported in April that Murty (Sunak’s wife) enjoyed a tax status in the UK that meant she could legally avoid paying taxes on her foreign earnings and the irony of this was it was at the same time as Sunak pushed the overall tax burden on UK taxpayers to its highest level since the 1940s.”

Allowing a Central Bank Digital Currency system would be the end of life as we know it. According to McCoy-Ward, it will be all over for freedom once this occurs. "[07:37] A Central Bank Digital Currency is complete digital slavery of the populace...Once the social and the carbon credit scores get launched and connect to the CBDC, and there's no longer cash because they want to become a cashless society, etcetera, people are going to be pretty much screwed - let's just put it that way because if you say the wrong thing or you do the wrong thing, or you spend too much carbon...This is where 1984, George Orwell's book, comes in. The fact-checkers (are) the thought police...these fact-checkers are not really fact-checkers; they are simply enforcing a certain agenda of the time."

Like Nadella and Gates, Sunak is a Globalist. He remains a disciple of Klaus Schwab and subscribes to the principle of a wealthy elite ruling class dominating the masses. He looks forward to 2030 and the Great Reset when the transformation is scheduled to be complete when you and I own nothing, the ruling class at the WEF will own everything, and the ruling class will be free to do anything they wish.

No reasonable person would cooperate in allowing themselves to become so enslaved, so it is accomplished against our will and knowledge through an elaborate campaign of censorship and propaganda. It is happening by keeping us distracted through fear and disasters. We are barraged daily with a coordinated slew of bad economic news, threats of nuclear war, and climate disasters.

But it is even worse. Behind the scenes, our educational system is under attack to facilitate the dumbing down of our populace. Because the brighter we are, the more likely we are to see through their charade. For the Globalists to be successful, they must impair our ability to think and reason. And unfortunately, their plan has worked quite well thus far.

A recent New York Times article reported that math and reading test scores fell in almost every state after the pandemic. For example, only 26 percent of eighth graders are now proficient in math compared to 34 percent in 2019. Only 36 percent of fourth graders are currently math proficient, down from 41 percent in 2019. Current eighth-grade reading proficiency is down to just 31 percent.

These are failing grades for any nation, and these fit the Globalist Agenda for taking us over and turning us into enslaved people by 2030. We are the dumbed-down lambs that are now ready for the taking - and they are coming for our money, property, and retirement accounts. Since pension funds are heavily dependent on the stock market and interest rates for funding, some are already nearly out of money [06:40]. For example, the UK recently narrowly escaped pension-fund disaster only because of a $65 billion government bailout [06:15].

Following the calm we now feel before the mid-term elections as President Biden portrays himself as a benevolent yet, absent-minded grandpa, we will soon again witness the mean Biden. He will again speak in front of a red background framed by military officers, where he will declare once again a loss of patience for Americans who do not comply. In addition, he will insist that because of the recent escalation of shootings, guns need to be confiscated for our "own protection."

The gloves will come off as America will find itself facing the reality of a recession by design, perhaps even another Great Depression. As in Europe, Americans may find themselves unable to heat their homes this winter. As the average American or citizen of the world finds themselves unable to pay all their bills or unable to purchase enough gasoline or food, we may see further social unrest. They may also find themselves unable to withdraw money from their local bank. We all know what that looks like from seeing it in other, less fortunate countries, most recently in China or Lebanon, where many lost their hard-earned nest egg.

The recent run on the banks in Lebanon has left many without their life savings and also without electricity or enough food. Although the Lebanese problem is not exactly akin to a traditional run on the banks where the banks go bust, the effect is the same. People cannot withdraw their money. Instead, they are told they must first convert their US dollars into Lebanese Lira; even after that, there are limits on the amount they can withdraw.

Chinese citizens recently found themselves in a similar situation; however, many banks failed in this case, and their deposits were lost. A crowd of Chinese citizens lined up around one of these banks, only to find their phones blowing up and their "vaccine passports" [03:11] flashing red, indicating they were "out of compliance." Only it was not because they had not received the latest booster. It turns out these “vaccine passports” are also used for other purposes - listen up, America. These protestors, whose sole goal was to withdraw their hard-earned life savings, were then located based on cell phone tracking. Police disguised as civilians wearing white shirts were dispatched, and the protestor-depositors were brutally beaten.

Unfortunately, vaccine passports, digital tracking of every human being, and arrests following any activity not liked by the Ruling Class are coming toward us at light speed. Those who are blind or choose to close their eyes may bear the consequences. However, I like to believe that we are still more intelligent than that and capable of learning from the mistakes of others - we should learn from the atrocities of China and Lebanon what is coming our way.

For now, we bask in the calm weather before the storm. This should be a time for reflection, planning, and prepping - much like the wise Satya Nadella did in 2021 when he raised 285 million dollars by  selling his stock to free up his capital. Perhaps we should not keep very much of our life savings in the bank. Clearly, we should oppose any form of digital currency or CBDC unless we want our ability to buy and sell to be turned off at a moment's notice by the Ruling Class. We should prepare for power grid outages and food or cash shortages. Now is the time to follow Catherine Austin Fitt's advice on preparing.

Our last, best hope now lies in rejecting all things Democrat. Because the radicalized wing of the Democratic Party has metastasized into a group of Klaus Schwab puppets all dedicated to making the Great Reset a reality; under this reset, the wealthy elites, including the likes of Nadella, Gates, and Sunak, will not be paying taxes or following the law. Instead, under this reset, they will continue dining on steak and lobster while you and I eat Impossible Burgers and insects. Under this plan, the elites will fly their corporate jets and chauffeured gasoline-powered luxury cars while you and I drive an electric vehicle that can be shut off at the whim of an official - think Gavin Newsome's ban on charging electric vehicles to conserve power.

If the elites succeed, you and I will subsist on a meager Universal Basic Income; however, our ability to purchase anything can be blocked at the whim of the rulers. This means not being able to pay rent, buy food, or even leave your house. It will be digital slavery and the end of a free society as we know it. The resulting oppression will make Stalin and Hitler look tame. And there will be no human rights, abortion or otherwise, under this Technocracy.

Should the Republicans win the mid-term elections and establish a majority in the legislature, we are by no means home free. Billionaire Globalists backed by the power of multiple world governments and most of the world's justice system will not give up quietly. We will likely soon see the storm unleashed in all of its fury following the mid-terms. But for now, let us bask in what may be our last serene moment for the foreseeable future.

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