When my friend contracted Glioblastoma, I reacted by researching what else could be done for him - scientifically. I went through PubMed, and I read the latest studies. I read accounts of medical professionals who survived their terminal cancers. And I found patterns. 

One concept that arose was the use of repurposed drugs IN ADDITION to the standard of care. Another was that Cancer Stem Cells, CSCs, were very real and could reseed cancer. These roots of cancer were stimulated to spread and regrow with cutting into the tumor [Surgery], poisoning it [Chemotherapy], and radiating it [Radiation Therapy].

I realized, to my horror, our own best treatment was making cancers resistant and causing them to return, often fatally. So why was this information hidden? Everyone should know this.

When I found that Dr. Ben Williams, a Harvard-educated professor, had cured his Glioblastoma using a cocktail of repurposed drugs, I knew my friend had a chance to do the same. And it was up to me to get him this information.

I found that a combination of four common drugs, Atorvastatin, Mebendazole, Metformin, and Doxycycline, could almost double the expected GBM survival time when added to the standard of care based upon a study by Dr. Agrawal published in a peer-reviewed medical journal. In addition, these four drugs had been used safely, for decades, to treat other diseases.


As I dug deeper, I realized that instead of using this cocktail as a last-ditch effort to save a person from cancer after it has already developed, WHAT IF ONE USED IT TO PREVENT CANCER from ever developing?

I searched Amazon. I found no physicians had written about this to the general public except for Dr. Raymond Chang in 2014. He wrote a book, "Beyond the Magic Bullet." Dr. Ben Williams, a PhD, had written about his personal experience in beating his GBM with repurposed drugs in "Surviving Terminal Cancer." These books, unfortunately, had very thin readerships. Finally, a magnificent documentary was made that interviews both of these men, "Surviving Terminal Cancer." 


However, very few people have watched this. Most who do, have Glioblastoma, a disease which afflicts about 10,000 Americans each year - people like Beau Biden, people like John McCain, and now my friend Evan.

Only 25 % survive longer than one year. Less than 5% make it past five years. And Ben Williams has now survived 26 years. His friend Professor Richard Gerber has now survived 13 years and uses repurposed drugs. Richard followed Ben Williams' strategy.

I spoke to Dr. Chang, Dr. Williams, Dr. Gerber and even some of the treating physicians involved in the film. In addition, I corresponded with Dr. Marc-Eric Halatsch, the German neuro-oncologist who participated in the film's release in 2015.

Around the same time, in 2014, In the United Kingdom, a law was proposed to allow physicians to prescribe repurposed drugs for cancer - without fear of lawsuits. This was known as The Medical Innovations Bill sponsored in Parliament by Lord Saatchi. Saatchi had a personal reason. He had lost his wife, Lady Saatchi, to cancer. She also was known as the famed British novelist Josephine Hart. 

Lord Saatchi wanted repurposed drugs to be made available to all cancer patients. 

But, unfortunately, the law did not pass and was defeated at the last minute by what I believe to be a massive effort by Big Pharma and Big Regulators to kill the act.

When I spoke to Dr. Chang, he was clear that repurposed drugs WILL NEVER be allowed because of the massive financial interests. The medical establishment will ALWAYS demonize and destroy any movement to allow these drugs to prevent and treat cancer.

When the COVID-19 pandemic began, I was just ready to publish my repurposed drug for cancer book, but I paused. I realized that repurposed drugs could also be used effectively to prevent and treat COVID-19. So I wanted to add a section on Repurposed Drugs for Coronavirus in the same book. My editor strongly objected. "Do a separate ebook. Write about it later. Don't combine the two subjects."

But I decided to include the two together against the editor's advice because I felt they were powerfully linked, not just by science but by corruption. So I decided to publish the book, for better or for worse.


The groups that are now preventing clear evidence of Ivermectin, HCQ, and other effective COVID repurposed drugs from reaching the public, are the very same ones that stand to gain by suppressing repurposed medications for cancer.


But the word is getting out. It is not just me advising the Statin/Aspirin/Metformin cocktail for cancer. It is also Dr. Mark Moyad, Dr. Stephen Bigelsen, and Dr. Agrawal of the Care Oncology Clinic. Another study was just published in the European Journal of Cardiology about statin's massive anti-cancer effects in patients with heart failure. The authors found a 16% reduction in the incidence of cancer and a 36% reduction in cancer deaths compared to those not taking statins.


As if that weren't enough, another study published days ago showed a 41% REDUCTION IN COVID-19 DEATH in a group of 10,000 patients who were taking statins prior to hospital admission. 


Lori Daniels, MD, lead study author, professor, and director of the Cardiovascular Intensive Care Unit at UC San Diego Health, published the initial findings in September 2020. This latest June update further reinforces those findings. Dr. Daniels noted that a gene called CH25H encodes an enzyme that modifies cholesterol. CH25H was known to block entry of other viruses such as HIV and Zika, so it was logical to try it against SARS-CoV-2. When the research team tested human lung cells in the lab, the 25HC blocked the ability of the virus to enter cells "almost completely."

Now, these results add further data to support this.

The big problem is that Lipitor, a popular statin, went off patent in 2011. As a result, one can purchase a month's supply for under 10 dollars, or around 33 cents a pill. If Big Pharma gets wind of this, we could expect a reaction.

Don't tell Big Pharma that statins may lower the risk of COVID-19 death, or we may read about how "dangerous" the safe drug Lipitor has now become. We may suddenly see warnings that statins "should never be used to prevent COVID-19." Suddenly the White House may ask Wikipedia, Facebook, and YouTube to ban anything about Statins and COVID-19. Perhaps the AP may even ask their fact-checker to critique the Dr. Daniels study. 

The thing about lies is they always get exposed. It’s just a matter of time.

"A concealed truth, that's all a lie is. Either by omission or commission we never do more than obscure. The truth stays in the undergrowth, waiting to be discovered."

   ~Josephine Hart

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I can confirm without a doubt that up to 80mg simvastatin (40-80)a day and between 1000mg-2000mg Mebendazole divided into 4 doses throughout the day taken with Olive oil used for bursts of 2-3 week's at a time does work And is working on my wife's stage 4 glioblastoma, she was diagnosed on 8 August 2018 and was told she would only survive a matter of months even after the 13 hour debulking surgery , radiotherapy and maximum chemotherapy, the Best prognosis of Any doctor was that she would die by August 2019...


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