JFK with RFK Jr

Young RFK Jr visits with his Uncle JFK in the Oval Office -  Photo credit: Abbie Rowe. White House Photographs. John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum, Boston

Truth is in high demand at a time when Americans are being lied to about everything daily. Robert F. Kennedy Jr. made his career as an Environmental Lawyer by using the truth to beat deceitful corporations like DuPont and Monsanto. He upped the ante during the COVID-19 Pandemic by exposing US Vaccine Czar Dr. Fauci in his best-selling book, The Real Anthony Fauci.

RFK Jr. has told inconvenient truths about Ivermectin, Hydroxychloroquine, and the massive benefits of early treatment. He has grown into a painful thorn now piercing the Biden political agenda. At a time when the Democrats were confident they had neutralized their main threat – Donald J. Trump – with an unprecedented, concocted charge and high-profile arrest, Bobby Kennedy came out of nowhere to a 39 % popularity rating – a rise of 14 points, compared to Biden’s 43% - a drop of 11 points.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is running for President of the United States and is now a major contender. It seems the ruling administration has a lot to worry about with RFK Jr.’s meteoric rise.

For one, his interviews are spreading as fast as his popularity. Second, Americans remain starved for authenticity and truth after growing ill on a steady diet of fear and propaganda by those in charge – i.e., crooked politicians in bed with Big Pharma, Big Banks, and their brethren corporations.

RFK Jr. recently completed an interview within the Lion’s Den, the All-In Podcast, which is run by a group of rich Venture Capitalists whose resume links them with start-ups like Google, Robinhood, and Uber.

The panel fired questions for nearly two hours at JFK’s nephew, and RFK Jr. not only held his ground, he completely turned the tables against them. Like a martial arts blackbelt, he fielded his opponents’ questions designed to injure him. Then, through skillful persuasion, he turned them into platforms to broadcast facts and figures that advanced his campaign while roundly refuting theirs and the Biden platform. The moderator, James Calacanis, multiple times jumped in and cut off an answer they were not prepared to air.

Any good lawyer knows never to ask a question for which they are unsure of the answer, so David Sacks, a lawyer himself, an All-in panelist, was careful.

However, billionaire and former Monsanto executive team adviser David Friedberg stepped into the snare concerning the attempt to cast him as an “anti-vaxxer.” [56:02].

RFK Jr. began his answer by explaining that he was not anti-vax and was fully vaccinated with childhood vaccines, as were his children. He set up the remainder of his response by saying, “I wish I had not done that because I know enough about them now.”

The All-in crew should have realized they were in trouble at that point. Kennedy had given this answer many times before demolishing interviewers attempting to cast him as a fringe conspiracy theorist. However, most major media outlets had been scrupulously careful not to air Kennedy’s explanation. Unfortunately, the All-in cast was not so detailed and found themselves being schooled by an authority with a comprehensive grasp of the subject.

Kennedy explained in a scholarly and non-defensive manner that childhood vaccines are immune from pre-licensing safety testing. Kennedy continued, “When I was a kid, I got three vaccines [56:27]. My children got 72 doses of 16 vaccines. And vaccines are the one medical product that does not have to go through placebo-controlled trials where you test exposures on a population prior to licensure. And there’s a number of historical reasons for that.”

With that opening salvo, Kennedy delivered the meat of his argument, “You can say the vaccine is effective against the target disease, but you can’t say that it’s not causing worse problems” [57:30].

Kennedy explained how the vaccine schedule exploded in 1986 after Ronald Reagan signed a law protecting drug companies from lawsuits against vaccine products. “So today, no matter how grievous your injury, no matter how reckless their conduct, you cannot sue them” [58:20].

RFK Jr. then explained the Vaccine gold rush for Big Pharma.

That caused a gold rush. Because now you’ve got a product where there is no downstream liability – you’re immune from that – and there’s no upstream safety testing, so that’s a 250 million dollar saving, and there are no marketing or advertising costs – because the Federal Government is going to mandate this product to 76 million American children whether they like it or not. And there’s no better product in the world, so there was a gold rush, and instead of three vaccines, we quickly ended up with 72, and now we’re going upward to 80. And there’s no end in sight.”

If this were a courtroom, Kennedy, the expert witness, would have been interrupted long ago with objections. But here he was, able to express his views, ultimately to the jury of millions of Americans in a format free from the usual censorship. And Kennedy held the jury in his palm.

The All-in Podcast, arguably one of the top ten most popular, has a following of 345 thousand subscribers, many of them “influential” or wealthy. In addition, many are Democrats. Within the first 6 hours of airing, the podcast registered 67 thousand views. By 24 hours, that number had risen to 212 thousand.

As the All-in crew sat speechless, one could almost hear the chatter screaming into their earpieces.

The longer Kennedy spoke, the more listeners liked him. For example, Spencer Dobkin wrote what many were thinking.

“Even when I disagree with him, he makes coherent, intelligent arguments which is sorely lacking from both sides right now. I think the vast majority of Americans are tired of the lack of substance from both sides and of their complicity in the destruction of the working class. His message about the war and our economic situation here at home really is resonating with me. This guy is the real deal. I believe he will be the next President.”

One of the All-in interviewers, 46-year-old Chamath Palihapitiya, is on record donating $1.3 million to the Democratic Party. However, following the interview, he found himself drawn to RFK Jr.

“There is a version of his truth [1:45:28] that is researched and reasoned from his own lived experience as well as history and facts, and then he’s also willing to say, I just don’t know enough about it, so let me rethink it and then come back to you. Placating doesn’t work anymore, and you need some kind of confrontation on hard topics for there to be any progress now. So I prefer those kinds of people that are able to draw a hard line.”

We rarely hear such truth from politicians who are used to evading or dancing around questions. Even when they answer directly, they rarely understand the subject matter with Kennedy’s level of clarity.

And as Dobkin wrote, Kennedy shined on other answers, including those related to the Ukraine War, Nuclear Energy, Climate Change, Wokeness, etc. There was nothing the panel could hurt him on.

All-in member David Sacks, a 50-year-old lawyer and founding Chief Operating Officer of Paypal, a supporter of RFK Jr., summarized:

You’ve got this scion of wealth and privilege who comes from the most prominent and famous Democratic family. He was set in his life to become an environmental lawyer to fight against big corporate environmental polluters. And somewhere along the line, he realized it wasn’t just big corporations that were the problem. It was the government agencies who were supposed to be regulating them. And he realized that there was a revolving door going on between industry and these agencies. So he ended up litigating not just against big companies but against government agencies.

I think that’s a really interesting place for a candidate to come from. And what you heard him say, and what I took away from it, is that he has a very sophisticated critique of regulatory capture, and it goes beyond just the environmental area. It also goes to Big Pharma, and it also goes to the Military-Industrial Complex. When he is talking about all these unnecessary wars that the United States has gotten into, who can doubt that after we’ve spent 20 years and eight trillion dollars bogged down in forever wars in the Middle East ?Who can doubt that the Military-Industrial Complex has played a malign role in our foreign policy? All these generals, when they retire from the Pentagon go on the boards of all these Defense Contractors, so there’s enough right about his critique that I think you can’t dismiss it.

You can’t just say this guy’s a conspiracy theorist or a nut. He’s saying too many things that I know to be true, and there are a lot of other areas where I don’t know what the truth is, but he is making sensible arguments and he’s presenting data and he’s asking you to challenge him on the data. So, in any event, I think he’s got this very interesting critique of regulatory capture. He is basically saying that we have a ruling elite in this country that is managing the country for its own benefit and that is screwing the middle class.

That critique is very similar to what Trump and DeSantis and people on the right are saying. The only difference is that people on the right are blaming ideology. They’re saying that the Elite is following this Woke Ideology. What Kennedy is saying is (the Elite) follow the money. They could both be right. I think these critiques are very compatible. So look, you might disagree with this or that part of it, but I think this overall critique – forget about the trees – I think this forest could find purchase with the electorate because I think people just feel that there’s something true about this.”

Chamath added, “He’s very morally grounded.”

Sacks continued, “I think regulatory capture is a huge issue. I think these agencies need to be reorganized.” [1:52:34].

Chamath summarized, “He does put his finger on this really ugly uncomfortable truth that there’s a cloistered set of insiders for which there is revolving door between power and money, and it’s going to be very awkward for a small number of people to hear that message as he gets more attention which is probably why the Media-Industrial Complex will do its best to prevent that message from getting out.”

Jason interjected, “The media is going to block this guy at every angle because…”

Sacks quipped, “Podcasts could play a huge role just like in 2016 when social media broke through and played a huge role. I think in 2024…”

Jason added, “Podcasts will decide the election.” He continued, “It could be the way [1:53:24] all candidates get their message out because after two hours of this, if you don’t want to learn more about him, or you’re not going to consider him more fully, I think it's impossible because he’s so well-spoken - he’s got a moral compass, he’s got a track record.”

Chamath captured the essence of RFK Jr.’s attraction  in this observation about truth [1:24:37]. “I think people are attracted to the truth and the confirmatory evidence about when they think that there’s frankly corruption and when it's laid bare in plain English. I think it's validating for those on the outside because they knew it, and then for folks on the inside – they’re like ‘we need to bury him.’ And I think that’s what you’re going to be up against the entire election cycle.”

As if to underscore the magnitude of corruption at the top levels of our government, [1:39:08] Sacks closed with this remark, “I want to say the Kennedy family has been involved in public life for decades, and many Kennedys have served in public life. And I honestly don’t remember one time with any Kennedy that has served in public life where they have been accused of receiving money from a foreign government – not once. And we’re now up to 12 Bidens I think who’ve received a payment, you know, foreign governments potentially in this larger Hunter Biden Scandal.”

Jason Calacanis concluded the interview with a recollection of his grandparents’ reverence for the Kennedy family.

“I grew up in a Catholic household, Irish Catholic in Brooklyn [1:40:03] on the wall. In my grandmother's and grandfather’s dining room were three people – Bobby Kennedy, Robert Kennedy, and Jesus Christ – It’s been an honor to have you on the program and thank you for giving us two hours of vibrant debate. We wish you well and we’d like to have you on again, and perhaps if this platform allows September debates and they will not host you on the debates – we will here on the All-in Podcast.”

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