To the Kingdom of Bennvika

Game of Thrones brought forth a world of justice, betrayal, and honor. The Mother of Dragons still inspires our hearts as readers eagerly await for George R.R. Martin to continue this much beloved series while fans of the show still hold the beating drums of the iconic theme song close to their imaginations.  

The question remains — where can readers turn to while George R.R. Martin chronicles the next installment in his series? 

I'd highly recommend readers to turn to the Silrith series which has been capturing my attention since 2019 when author P.J. Berman introduced us to Vengeance of Hope, a world where characters clash in the name of their causes and political maneuverings that have people mobilizing like pawns on a chess board. Throughout this immersive series, readers have seen the rise to potential champions of justice while others are led to their downfall through gilded promises of power. The changing points of view throughout the series lead readers to become active members in the Kingdom of Bennvika and ally themselves with a princess who turns her title of a traitor to a savior, a politician whose dreams of revolution might land the world in chaos, and a priestess who is trying to unite the world through the power of her sheer will.   

With the latest book War of Mercy releasing on June 30th of this year, I asked Berman how the process of writing has influenced him as a writer. Berman replied, “I’d say the biggest influence that it’s had has been on my planning process. Initially I was a bit of a pantster, writing action-based short stories just for the fun of it, but for me, writing a series takes a lot more planning and note-taking before the actual writing takes place.”  

It is definitely fulfilling as a reader when you see a series unfold with pulse of a writer who is dedicated to the research and development of their craft. This series is certainly for those who are searching to find warriors, villains, friends, and heroes who lives center around the Kingdom of Bennvika.  

Personal Mantra: What a task a book has as the keeper of a hundred dreams, worlds, and our own past selves.

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