David & Goliath

Osmar Schindler - David and Goliath - 1888

While most remain unaware, a secret World War is now afoot. Not the War in Ukraine. Not the War on Inflation, and indeed not a war waged with bombs. No, this World War is unlike any ever seen in history.

It is a covert war fought in the shadows, out of the spotlight, and in the deepest recesses of evil. And the enemy is winning. They have out-planned, outmaneuvered, and outgunned us, the American and Free World's people, with unimaginable stealth. The power of this enemy eclipses that of nuclear warheads.

As Sun Tzu stated in the Art of War, "Mystify, mislead, and surprise the enemy" by using operations that are unexpected.

When these attacks proceed at the last moment, the enemy is not only surprised but has no time to react meaningfully, which can all but guarantee victory. This precise scenario is now playing out with President Biden handing over our sovereignty to the World Health Organization.

First, a bit of background. Sovereignty can be thought of as a nation’s independence. While our Founding Fathers fought hard to gain this from English rule in 1776, President Biden, without fanfare and publicity, attempted to give this away. As a result, our precious and hard-earned independence is now at risk through a handover to the World Health Organization accomplished without our knowledge - in effect a coup d'etat from within our government.

President Joe Biden's administration recently delivered a document to the World Health Organization designed to end our US and World Liberty for good -  and right under our noses while we all slept. Dr. Breggin explained this in his article, "Biden Handing Over US Sovereignty to the World Health Organization."


The famous English poet, Alexander Pope, wrote this about the importance of independence,

Let fortune do her worst, whatever she makes us lose, so long as she never makes us lose our honesty and our independence.”

President Biden has done both. He is now risking both America’s virtue and Independence.

Alexander Pope happened to be born in 1688, the year of England’s Glorious Revolution, which gave England its Bill of Rights, and later set the foundation for the United States Bill of Rights. While the English Bill of Rights was created in 1689 to limit the power of a Monarch – specifically a reaction to James II to prevent cruel punishment and ensure free elections and free speech, the US Bill of Rights was written one hundred years later in 1789 and expanded this to include the guarantee of Liberty.

Now President Biden is placing all these rights on the chopping block. Dr. Breggin began, "This is really serious, and there's no exaggeration in any of this - no one else has been hearing about this, and only a handful of us now for two or three days have been talking about it [2:35]."


"On January 18 of this year, the agency in the US...delivered a series of amendments to the World Health Organization which removes all restraint from the Director-General in his ability to declare a Health Emergency in a target nation. It can be a mere concern in the sole opinion of the Director-General, and it does not require him to explain it, otherwise justify this concern, or even consult with the target sovereign nation before action is taken [4:19]

This newly proposed set of amendments would vest power in the WHO and remove it from the United States. These newly acquired WHO health powers would reside in one man, Tedros, the current Director-General. He alone would gain the control to use all the forces of the WHO against the target nation that may choose to object.

These powers would include those of the International Monetary Association, the World Bank, the United Nations, the International Agriculture, and the International Nuclear Power Associations against the target nation and against all their possible objections, which would have no legal effect. Because under these new proposed WHO amendments, the target nation would not have any legal recourse to question the action and authority of the Director-General.

The "health emergency" definition is so broad and vague that the Director-General could theoretically indicate a "concern for a health emergency" for any remote threat to social or health welfare, even a common flu outbreak.

Breggin noted further that this was not about power vested in the WHO; it was about power vested in the Oligarchs who control the WHO. This is nothing short of a coup d’état of our beloved government by a group of rich thugs.

Breggin explained, "This is a serious power grab, and it is not a power grab by the World Health Organization - they are lackeys - they are like the Mafia boss for the Global Predators and the Chinese Communists [12:06]..."

Dr. Breggin defines the Global Predators as the Davos group World Economic Forum working with the Chinese Communist Party,

"We describe in detail in the book – The Global Predators: We Are the Prey – exactly how the World Health Organization is run by Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab, and the Chinese Communists...which includes the Tech Companies, all the Big Corporations, all the Big Banks...they look forward to China taking over the lead in the military and economic power in the world, and that includes Bill Gates and Americans like Mike Bloomberg - they are Pro-China - plenty of documentation for that, it was a horrible thing to realize and come to the conclusion[12:29]." 

He explains that these Global Predators all look forward to China taking over the world using Totalitarian measures - Shanghai Style - to control the world’s masses, leaving the spoils to the large corporations.

The target nation would have no legal ability to object to whatever measures The WHO decided to wage and would be powerless to mount any legal opposition. Theoretically, at the whim of the mouthpiece for the WHO, currently Tedros, any target nation would be forced to comply with any mandates they might apply - regardless of their own national Constitution or Bill of Rights, which would be suspended during such an "emergency." In addition, the WHO plans to have its version of the Ministry of Truth, also known as our new DHS “Disinformation Governing Board [43:50].” 


We are going backward almost 350 years in time to the Pre-Bill of Rights Era. We are giving up our hard-earned rights to free speech. There is no limit to what has recently occurred in enforcing the anti-democratic COVID-19 mandates, which included beating senior citizens in the head in New Zealand, trampling disabled ladies in Ottawa, to imprisoning law-abiding citizens in camps in Australia.


If you think those were human rights violations, granting these new amendments of unrestricted powers to a Marxist like Tedros will open the door to far worse in our USA and western democracies.

As Dr. Breggin points out, there is a reason Bill Gates contributed 250 million dollars to the WHO after President Trump dropped our nation's contribution. Gates expected something in return, and it wasn't a free and healthy world order. 

Perhaps a New World Order where Gates controls all nations on Earth through lockdowns, arrests, and mandates proclaimed by his First Lieutenant Tedros. And this would include forced vaccinations without informed consent, without any permission whatsoever. So think again if you feel that outlawing Roe v Wade is your worst enemy.

Rather than having limited bodily autonomy over a woman's right to choose, none of us will have any say in any medical decision under the New World Order. Instead, Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab, and the WEF may rule through the WHO with an iron fist that, by comparison, makes Stalin look like Mister Rogers.

Dr. Breggin notes that the matter is set for a vote at the WHO on May 22, 2022. Given the overwhelming support by 47 nations, including the EU’s 27, the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, India, and a host of Latin American countries, it will be next to impossible to reverse. There is a provision that the amendment could be reversed within a six-month window provided a majority of the 194 member nations withdrew their support, but this also seems unlikely.

The best way to stop this and the Great Reset now would be a massive public U.S. outcry to pressure the Biden Administration to stop this. However, with the ongoing smokescreens of leaked Supreme Court decisions, baby formula food shortages, and the specter of nuclear conflict in Ukraine, Biden, Gates, and Schwab are hoping we all don't notice and that no one awakens in time.

Yes, World War III is now secretly being waged, and its Battle of Appomattox is already being fought - with our freedoms and the legacy of Liberty on Earth hanging in the balance.

The enemy has the advantage of surprise, stealth, and time, while we have the upper hand in numbers. However, there are many more of us than them, and we all need to speak now. Now is the time to share this message, and now is the time to pressure our elected representatives to act and demand the US withdraw these corrupt amendments from the WHO. Only an act of coordinated and overwhelming public opposition can stop this. We have just about seven short days to do this. So join Dr. Peter Breggin, Dr. Robert Malone, and the 17,000 physicians and scientists who oppose this.

Dr. Richard Urso, a distinguished member of this group, announced the hidden message of the COVID-19 pandemic, which is, “Messenger RNA Lipid Nanoparticle is the Nuclear Bomb…You are going to see mRNA Lipid Nanoparticle over and over again. They have established the legitimacy of that dangerous platform – it’s going to go everywhere, brain, bone marrow, etc. They slipped it under the radar, and nobody noticed [1:16:13].


A Mayo Clinic-trained pathologist, Dr. Ryan Cole, agreed and explained that the Lipid Nanoparticle itself is inflammatory and travels throughout the body. Dr. Cole explained that these dangerous and inflammatory nanoparticles are not for human use – they are for research use only – and were broadly pushed onto society [1:17:20].

“We are seeing mitochondrial damage…we are seeing suppression of the immune system…damaging DNA repair mechanisms…and now we are seeing turbo cancers, wildfire cancers. Why?  The Lipid Nanoparticle, the mRNA, and the spike that it makes is suppressing our immune system, and now we are seeing turbo cancers [1:17:38].”

The last thing we want is a corrupt and profit-driven cartel forcing us to receive these Lipid Nanoparticles and mRNA instruments due to force of law by the WHO caused by abdication of our rights through President Biden.

Those who want bodily autonomy and healthcare freedom must choose to speak out now or risk losing it forever. So let all sons and daughters of Liberty come forward now and demand that President Biden honor our United States of America by immediately withdrawing the proposed WHO amendments.

Dr. Reiner Fuellmich is an internationally-recognized Consumer-Rights attorney who specializes in Bank Law. He has successfully prosecuted civil fraud actions against powerful companies like Volkswagen and Deutsche Bank. He is one of the most knowledgeable professionals on the extent of the Crimes Against Humanity and related Fraud perpetrated on the World by Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates, and the World Economic Forum. He recently convened the COVID Grand Jury seeking indictments against these co-conspirators.

Attorney Fuellmich believes these men will ultimately be brought to justice; however, he feels strongly that a higher power will soon assist the world’s people in defeating the enemy. Although Reiner is careful to explain that he is not religious in the traditional sense, he believes that should all else fail, a higher power will intervene on our behalf.

He explains the law is only part of the solution. The more important one is that some spiritual power comes to our defense, “It is probably crucial that some spiritual power – which connects us all – will come to our aide [42:55].


A 20-year US Marine veteran, Coach Joe Kennedy, knows this firsthand. After retiring from the Marines, he wrestled with the decision to coach at the high school his children attended. In struggling to decide whether or not to accept the head football coaching position at Bremerton High School, he discussed it first with his wife, then his children, and then with himself.

As he lay awake all night, a movie entitled Facing the Giants appeared on the television.


The coach in the film wrestled with the same decision Joe was struggling with at the time. Joe considered this movie an answer to his dilemma and knew the correct decision was to accept the position.

At that moment, Joe Kennedy committed himself to God and vowed to give Him the glory after every single game. 

“I was sobbing on the living room floor – just absolutely lost it – and said God, I am all in. I hear you calling me, and from that moment on, every Friday night and every Monday, I was on the football field after every game, taking a knee and thanking God. As an American, as a Marine, as a coach, I am not going to turn my back on my faith just because it becomes uncomfortable [00:32].”


And Joe has remained true to that despite his case rising to the US Supreme Court [5:58].  

Perhaps God used Joe Kennedy to elevate this issue to national attention by standing firm and allowing the case to be brought to the nation's highest court. Can I prove there is a higher power? Neither I, Reiner Fuellmich, nor Joe Kennedy can prove God’s existence.

However, all three of us know in our souls that He does and will intervene. Our Founding Fathers trusted in God, and He remains a part of the fabric of America. Therefore, it is up to us to do our part in objecting, getting the word out, and standing for what is moral and right. And in the end, as Reiner Fuellmich has stated, a higher power will come to our aide.

What is needed now is courage and the ability not to abandon our values. Liberty and justice, much like informed consent and bodily autonomy, are inherently American and, at the same time, universal and inalienable human rights. They cannot be justly taken – ever. But, like Joe Kennedy, we must set an example for our neighbors. Joe set the example of what it means to hold fast to principle even as the pressure to conform rose.

Many physicians have done the same despite ostracism, loss of license, and even freedom. For example, Dr. Jackie Stone of Zimbabwe is facing a Kangaroo Court and a possible five-year prison sentence for saving hundreds of lives with Ivermectin.

Physicians like George Fareed, Brian TysonPierre Kory, Paul MarikPeter McCulloughHarvey RischTess Lawrie, and Robert Malone stand as shining examples to all the world.

So too, we Americans must set the example of what a free country does when someone tries to steal our Liberty. They will see peaceful protest, peaceful indictments, prosecutions, and, most importantly, corrupt public officials fall from power. They will see what the power of millions of free citizens can accomplish in the United States of America. The world will watch as you and I face the giants.

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