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Let’s talk about something most, if not all, of us have experienced … trying — and failing — to copy Pinterest ideas.

cooking fail

As a millennial, I’ve used Pinterest basically since I’ve had access to internet. I have multiple Pinterest boards for so many things. It started out as creating boards for my dream wedding, decorating ideas for my room, and other random things.

As I got older and began cooking more, I, of course, turned to Pinterest for ideas and recipes. I’ve made so many Pinterest recipes and they have literally NEVER looked even half as mouth-watering as the photos on Pinterest.

Or how about all the DIY ideas … why don’t my DIY’s look as aesthetic as my Pinterest board?

Because I got in way over my head and I like to think I’m super creative but really, I’m not.

I’m just kidding (maybe). But really, the reason why my creations don’t measure up to Pinterest’s is because I am a regular person.

social media

I’m sure you’ve all seen those trends of comparing the “Instagram model” to real life. If you haven’t seen it, they basically show you how everything is fake and posed for the camera — take away the camera and everyone takes off their fajas and looks like their regular self.

It sounds silly, but people with social media platforms use it to show others that you should love yourself the way you are and stop comparing yourself to everyone else that you see on social media … because it’s not real. Social media is a construct that we allow to absorb us and alter our thinking and behavior.

We let social media show us what we’re supposed to look like, what we’re supposed to eat, how we’re supposed to behave, what’s cool and what isn’t, and anything else you can think of. It’s easy to lose yourself in what social media says you’re supposed to be. It’s even easier to let it control you.

Studies show that a social media detox could help with this issue. At first, it might not be easy to let go of all that which I hold dear, but I will spend the next week (at least) testing the waters for you guys.

Check back with me next week to see how I’m feeling after one week of a social media detox.


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