So, this week I want to talk about something very personal.

I want to talk about the benefit of therapy, specifically the benefit it has brought to me.

I have been in and out of the proverbial therapy chair since I was in middle school after the incident that gave my father full custody of my brother and I. Throughout those early years, I was in therapy to help process that situation and some other trauma that occurred while living with my mother and her husband.

But then, we moved. And therapy stopped.

During my freshman year of high school, I had another incident that landed my butt in the therapy chair once again.

In those on-again, off-again years of therapy, I was a troubled pre-teen/teenager. Everyone — I don’t care what you have or haven’t been through — struggles in the teen years. So, I feel like the only benefit therapy offered at that time was just a band aid — it helped in that moment but was not a long-term solution.

I have re-enlisted in therapy once again, but in the approximate three months I’ve been receiving services, I have felt loads better. I still have problems, but for once I feel like I can actually see a future where I’m not … empty.

I feel like I’m constantly learning about myself and even those around me, I’m better at putting myself in someone else’s shoes, I’m better with forgiveness and letting go of that which does not suit me.

There’s no “fix” but there are ways to adjust your thinking and train yourself to think more positively, let go of negativity, and move forward. My emotions aren’t all consuming anymore.

The next thing I am going to say is purely opinion, though I think you will find that a lot of people agree with the statement:

Therapy is for anybody.

Even if you think you have never experienced trauma and you’re “normal,” you can still benefit from therapy. Therapy is not just for those who are struggling with mental disorders, it’s for the normies too.

Therapy helps you understand yourself as a person and it helps you realize that there is always room for improvement. Even if you are happy, happiness does not have a ceiling. Happiness is infinite, so don’t settle for what you currently have. Even if you are happy, reach for more. What’s the worst that could happen?

If you are someone who is not happy with the way you feel or think, if you need that extra help, always, always reach out. Get the help you need, don’t continue life being unhappy. You deserve happiness.

Break through the zero point my friends, and always reach for more.


Office Manager, Assignment/Copy Editor, DKN Managing Editor, Reporter, and The Millennial Meltdown Columnist

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