Just a Freaky Coincidence?  Or the Vaccine?

Just a Freaky Coincidence?  Or the Vaccine?

Two healthy high school basketball players died suddenly on the same day. Cameran Wheatley, a 17-year-old senior at Bremen High School, collapsed during a game with Chicago High School on February 8, 2022.


Meanwhile, in East Texas, Devonte Mumphrey collapsed on the same day and died from a sudden cardiac arrest. Devonte, 15, was a basketball standout who was nominated for Mr. Texas Basketball Player of the Week after scoring 45 points in a single game in January. As a freshman, Mumphrey was named the District Newcomer of the Year.


Mumphrey’s family had already dealt with tragedy a couple of years ago when Devonte’s younger cousin A’niya Tyra died following a battle with brain cancer.


My recent articles published in the Desert Review have dealt not only with brain cancer but with the mounting increases in collapses and sudden deaths in young athletes.




The chances of an otherwise healthy adolescent dying of sudden cardiac death (SCD) is scarce and have been estimated in PubMed studies at roughly 1 in 200,000.  We should see reports on these events no more than a few times in a decade, yet we read about them nearly every day. Why?


Here we have something more unusual than an exploding supernova lighting up the daytime sky. 


Instead, we see something almost as uncommon as a meteor striking earth and destroying the dinosaurs. The extinction meteor actually is about 100x less common, although you get the point.


What we just witnessed is an event so unlikely that it should not have occurred in our lifetimes, nor in the time the human race has existed on the planet – some 300,000 years. Because the event I am referring to should only occur once every 625,000 years.

For two high school basketball players to die of cardiac arrest suddenly on the same day without any other causative factors would be  1 in 200,000 squared or  1 in 40 billion.

You may ask, how unlikely is such an event? Your lifetime risk of being struck by lightning is 1 in 18,000. Your lifetime risk of being struck twice is 1 in 18,000 squared or 1 in 324 million – assuming there are no hidden risk factors.

For example, if you climbed Mt. Whitney every summer, your chances would be MUCH greater as the summit of this mountain is frequently struck by lightning, and there is a warning to that effect.

EXTREME DANGER FROM LIGHTNING – To avoid being struck by lightning, immediately leave the area if any of the following conditions exist. Dark clouds nearby, thunder, hail or rain. Hissing in the air. Static electricity in the hair or fingertips.

Extreme Danger from lightning


But assuming you don’t climb thunderstorm-ridden mountain peaks every year, your chances of lightning strike injury would be closer to 1 in 18,000.

Thus, the chance of two healthy high school students dying of SCD on the same day is 123 times less likely [40 billion divided by 324 million] than you getting struck twice by lightning in your lifetime.


For another comparison, the chance of two people on earth having identical fingerprints is estimated at 1 in 64 billion. 


According to Scotland Yard, based on those odds, it would take more than “a million years for two people with identical fingerprints to appear by chance.”  Identical twins have different sets of fingerprints. Even two clones do not have the same fingerprints because of many environmental influences occurring during development.


Suppose it would take one million years to find two people by chance who happened to have the same fingerprints. In that case, we could expect to wait 625 thousand years [40 billion divided by 64 billion x one million years] to encounter a day where two high schoolers die of SCD naturally – assuming there were no hidden causes.

But there is another causative factor here - the mandatory COVID-19 mRNA vaccines.

Just like the increased risk of lightning strike in a mountain climber would alter his odds and make his susceptibility to strike MUCH more likely, young people who receive the mRNA vaccine have a MUCH higher rate of myocarditis.


On page 576 of this PubMed article on sudden death in the young, Dr. Molander writes about myocarditis – “which can be fatal.”


Since we know the mRNA vaccines are associated with heart inflammation which increases the rate of myocarditis - a known risk factor of sudden death - the vaccine is the most likely cause for these sudden deaths seen in Cameran and Devonte. Absent any risk factors, the odds of such an event occurring naturally would be statistically-speaking, virtually impossible.


According to Dr. Peter McCullough, the background rate of myocarditis is 4 per million per year. That would predict roughly 640 cases out of the susceptible 160 million Americans under age 50. However the VAERS reporting system has already recorded some 11,000 cases. See mark 29:11


So when one considers the under-reporting factor of VAERS is roughly 5x, we are looking at an actual figure of some 55,000 cases of myocarditis when the background rate would predict only 640. The actual increased rate of myocarditis associated with the mRNA vaccines would thus appear closer to 55,000/640 or 85 times.

A recent study, published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) looked at the increased risk of myocarditis with the mRNA vaccine, and found that the risk was 133x greater than the background. Dr. John Campbell fears it could be even higher.


Campbell reported on this study and commented, “ Is there a 133 times greater risk? It’s actually probably much more significant than that, but what we know from the data – my calculations at least – it’s 84 times increased risk…” See mark 1:40.


Campbell went further and explained that this underestimates the genuine risk because strict criteria were used to diagnose myocarditis. Other cases of vaccine-induced cardiac inflammation may not rise to this level yet would still represent substantial cardiac risk.

The website goodsciencing.com documents the collapses and sudden deaths among athletes, as I have been following these last few weeks. They have now recorded some 649 athlete collapses with 404 sudden deaths over the past year.


What is most instructive is the breakdown by age in these deaths. These sudden deaths began occurring in January 2021, only AFTER the vaccination program had begun. We saw none of them in 2020 despite the COVID-19 pandemic's deadly Winter Surge.


In the first quarter, we witnessed 15 of these young athlete deaths while in the second quarter, we saw 30 more, while we watched 84 more lose their lives in the third quarter. There were 206 more sudden deaths in the fourth quarter, and now we see 137 sudden deaths in the first six weeks of 2022.


Devonte Mumphrey was 15 years old, while Cameran Wheatley was 17. As of today, the following are the numbers of sudden deaths recorded in the goodsciencing.com website stratified by age:

Age 19 deaths = 16

Age 18 deaths = 12

Age 17 deaths = 20

Age 16 deaths = 19

Pfizer BioNTech approved for Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) for persons 16 and older on December 11, 2020.


Age 15 deaths = 11

Age 14 deaths = 4

Age 13 deaths = 2

Age 12 deaths = 4

The EUA expanded to include adolescents aged 12 to 15 on May 10, 2021.


Age 11 deaths = 0

Age 10 deaths = 0

Age 9 deaths = 0

Age 8 deaths = 0

Age 7 deaths = 1

Age 6 deaths = 0

Age 5 deaths = 0

The CDC expanded the vaccination program to children ages 5 to 11 years old on November 11, 2021.


Age 4 deaths = 0

Age 3 deaths = 0

Age 2 deaths = 0

There is a clear positive correlation between the length of time a vaccine has been approved and the number of deaths.

Dr. Campbell reported on the JAMA article that myocarditis risk was much more significant following the second vaccination than after the first. See mark 13:50.


Campbell broke the risk down in the 16 to 17-year-old male age cohort and noticed that after the first vaccination, the risk of myocarditis increased 7.26 fold, while after the second dose, the risk increased another 105.86 times, adding up to the total risk of 113.12 times. See mark 19.20


The point is that these vaccines increase the risk of myocarditis by more than 100 times, and myocarditis is associated with sudden death. So the risk of sudden death, while typically only 1 in 200,000, is much higher.

We notice a prominent warning sign for the increased risk of lightning strikes on Mt. Whitney. Why? Because it would not be fair to fail to warn of a deadly event if one could do something to prevent it. We have an ethical duty to warn. Beyond that, the National Park Service could be sued if they failed to warn hikers of a known risk of death.

Why do we get no warning from our CDC and NIH about the known risk of myocarditis with sudden death from the mRNA vaccines?


Dr. Campbell answers, “I don’t know why mainstream media don’t report on these things more than they do. You would think it would be a legitimate part of informed comment. So I don’t know the answer to that, you’d have to ask the Director-General of the various mainstream media outlets and their people in charge.” See mark 00:35.


In Australia now, we hear the Prime Minister state that the patient knows the vaccine risks. It is not the government’s responsibility to warn – it is your doctor’s job to tell you and your job to decide. Just listen to this reporter’s question, and the answer Prime Minister Scott Morrison gives.

Reporter – “Of people who suddenly died after taking AstraZeneca (vaccine), would you be worried if one of those people as I understand it, or the family claims wasn’t fully informed of the symptoms to look out for?”

Prime Minister Morrison – “We are all responsible for our own health, and when it comes to getting informed consent to any procedure you may have, or I may have, then I am ultimately responsible for what people do in their health treatment to me – and there has been the opportunity for people to visit their GP, and have that consultation…and the informed consent process provides the decision to the individual. That’s the sort of country that we live in. People make their own decisions about their own health and their own bodies.” See mark 00:13.


But is the choice free, and is the informed consent real? 

Nowhere on the CDC website does it say the risk of myocarditis is increased more than 100 times with the mRNA vaccines, and nowhere does it say the risk of sudden cardiac death is increased in the young. 


All we are told is that the vaccines are “safe and effective.” Yet, even the physician community, including me, has viewed the JAMA article some 472,000 times, despite being recently posted on January 25, 2022.

A scientist posted this comment on February 1, 2022, on the JAMA article’s website,

“The study reports increases in the risk of myocarditis from mRNA vaccination based on reports to VAERS and on pre-COVID-19 reference data. The reports were submitted to VAERS in the December 2020 to August 2021 time frame. The publication is late. It comes nearly eight months since the CDC identified the potential myocarditis risk and nearly five months after the VAERS reports were submitted. Why the delay in publication?” 

A nurse posted this comment on February 10, 2022, “I was curious as to the physical activity levels of these study participants. Is there any suggestion of active subjects in this study playing intense sports, or exercise, immediately following the 2nd vaccination? Should a guideline be presented for athletes to rest for a period of time, to allow normal return of immune response? I am also a college soccer coach so I have extreme interest in this topic for my players' safety.”


Both comments are spot on and should be have been addressed months ago, so measures could have been taken to protect our young athletes. However, you can rest assured neither the authors nor the CDC or FDA posted any guidance to the soccer coach’s query.

However, speaking as a physician, allow me to step in and answer. If your high school student has had one vaccination, perhaps DO NOT get the second, as that could increase the risk of myocarditis and sudden death by 100 times. Absolutely check with his doctor first.

If your soccer player has had a second shot, it might be wise to keep your student out of soccer practice for two full weeks AND until his family doctor clears your athlete to resume play. But that is just what I would advise my patients, having read the JAMA study, and the VAERS data. I do not represent the views of the CDC nor the interests of Pfizer.

This begs the question, would Devonte and Cameran be alive today if they had received that advice?

And when Devonte or Cameran’s parents later say they were never warned of the increased risk of sudden death, I have no doubt they will get the same answer as Australia’s Prime Minister gave, that they all had access to their own family doctor. It is ultimately their responsibility that they chose to take the vaccine.

One explanation for the majority of sudden deaths in those over age 12 is because they have been vaccinated for more than eight months now, since May 10, 2021, which is sufficient time to have received the second or even third shots – the riskiest ones.

Conversely, the reason the age 5 through 11 group has only one death might be because their vaccinations have been approved only since November 11, 2021, with far fewer having received the second and third doses.

And if these vaccines, by some incredible feat of corruption, are approved for those aged 2 to 4, I fear we will begin witnessing sudden deaths in that age group as well.

We have MADD, mothers against drunk drivers. Perhaps it is time for citizens to form another similar organization to protect our youngest against these toxic mRNA injections. Maybe we should all join with the Freedom Truckers and protest these hideous vaccine mandates because later, we will be told it was our fault that we did not object.

Dr. Robert Malone, the Chief Architect of the mRNA vaccines, wisely advises, “If there is risk there must be choice.” Please read his eloquent open letter to the Canadian Truckers.


People need to be informed about the risks of vaccine-related sudden death in the young. And the mandates – the compulsory vaccination of our youth – need to end immediately. Those who freely choose to get vaccinated while knowing the risks can do so. But it is left up to citizens like you, me, and Dr. John Campbell to get the word out on the increased risks of myocarditis and sudden death when mainstream media won’t.

The media won’t, and the CDC and FDA won’t because the sad fact is that they are captured. Regulatory capture is now the rule rather than the exception for Pharmaceutical Corporations and Vaccine Manufacturers. So our guiding principle must become caveat emptor over vaccine mandate.


If the CDC will not warn about the risks of sudden cardiac death in your children, it is up to us to let everyone know. Unfortunately, parents do not realize the massively increased risk of myocarditis and sudden death following vaccination.

Let us all speak out and spread the word because these deaths will continue to mount if we don't. And school basketball courts across the nation will continue to witness teenage players collapsing. At the same time, thousands of classmates will record these horrific events on their cell phones, only to have the footage censored by social media.

Schools will be closed and candlelight vigils will be held while countless lives will be forever changed. Families will mourn while the truth will be scrubbed, stripped, and censored.


And, unless we intervene, lightning will continue to strike twice with ever-growing frequency while no one will be the wiser. So, let us ALL join the growing freedom movement which has now spread around the globe.




The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing. 

 Edmund Burke

Dr. Justus R. Hope, writer’s pseudonym, graduated summa cum laude from Wabash College where he was named a Lilly Scholar. He attended Baylor College of Medicine where he was awarded the M.D. degree. He completed a residency in Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation at The University of California Irvine Medical Center. He is board-certified and has taught at The University of California Davis Medical Center in the departments of Family Practice and Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation. He has practiced medicine for over 35 years and maintains a private practice in Northern California.

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You shouldn't use the fingerprint comparison, especially when you bring the police agencies into it. Police dont look for identical fingerprints, they look for a half dozen consistencies, and they frequently show matches where none exist. They have dumbed down the science to cast a wider net for suspects


This author is notorious for writing opinion articles filled with seemingly extensive internet research and high-level arguments. In this case he uses his probability and statistics “skills” to prove his point mathematically. I really hope that the editors of this news site are professional individuals who conduct some serious vetting on everything that it is published and can stand behind it, otherwise they are publishing trash and disinformation. Because it is a sad and ridiculous notion that the math contained in this article can be left to be seriously debated in the comments section, and it would be a far sadder and pathetic notion for the Dessert Review that it can be proven wrong.


We all know it's the vaccines that caused this.


It is perplexing that so many cannot connect the dots!


The author does not understand how to calculate probabilities. Accepting the premise that there is a 1/200,000 chance that a high school athlete will die in a given year, it is fallacious to reason that the probability of 2 athletes dying on the same day is 1/200,000 squared or 1 in 40,000,000,000. Why? The probability of any single athlete dying during the entire school year is 1/200,000. A reasonable estimate is that there are 16 million high school students in the country and half of them are male. According to a recent CDC report, 57% of all high school students participate in organized sports. The gender participation likely skews male so let’s estimate conservatively that 60% of male students participate in organized sports of some sort. That works out to 4,800,000 male high school sports participants. 1/200,000 of that number are expected to die each year from sudden cardiac death or about 24 annually. This is now a variation of “The Birthday Paradox” which answers the question: how many people do you have to have in the room before there is a 50% chance that 2 of them will share the same birthday? Answer = 23. Therefore, his entire argument crumbles. It’s not just plausible, it’s more likely than not that two high school athletes will die on the same day sometime during the year somewhere in the USA. Thus, proving the adage about lies, #amn lies, and statistics.


Saltman’s assumptions are incorrect. First, the population of high school athletes is not 16 million, but about ½ that at 8 million, according to NCSA sports. Second, this is not the population in question. It is the population of male high school basketball players that is relevant which about 500,000. 500,000 divided by 200,000 means 2.5 male high school basketball players on average will die on the same day. The chances of each dying is 1 in 200,000 and it is 365 times rarer for both to die on the same day. 1/365 = .003

However, for both of these two players to die WHILE PLAYING basketball, and not another time of the year involves realizing there are 10 games on average in a varsity season with each game lasting 1.5 hours on average for a total playing time of 15 hours per year. Since there are 8760 hours in a year, this means it would be rare for both players to die during basketball game play. How rare? 15 hours divided by 8760 = .002.

Thus, the chance of two high school male basketball players dropping dead of heart attacks during game play on the same day is .002 x .003 x 1/200,000 simplified as .000006 x 1/200,000 or 6 out of 200 billion = 1 in 33 billion.


Demwal should reread my post. I wrote that there are roughly 16 million high school students in the country (not just athletes) and half of them are male, or about 8 million. I think we agree on that assumption? Secondly, he imposes a constraint on the population that it should only include male basketball players. Fine – I’ll take his word for it that 500,000 is the population size. Thirdly, the study cited in the article from ScienceDirect (Journal of the American College of Cardiology, vol 32, issue 7, 1998) as a source for the 1/200,000 number was a study of Minnesota high schoolers (all genders) involved in any organized sports activity (competition and practice, not just in basketball) over a 12-year period and purports to measure the probability that a participating athlete will die of sudden cardiac death while practicing or competing during the YEAR. I quote from the report’s conclusion: “The risk of sudden cardiac death in a population of high school student-athletes was small, in the range of one in 200,000 per year, and was higher in male athletes.” Demwal asserts that this probability can be assumed to apply to male basketball players only. Ok – I’ll accept that assumption too. All good so far? The probability calculations that follow are plainly incorrect, however. The number of male basketball players in this population that are expected to die during the year is 500,000/200,000 = 2.5 male basketball players yearly. What are the odds that these predicted 2 or 3 deaths will occur on the same day? The author’s calculation (apart from the unsupported and irrelevant assumptions about games and minutes) essentially multiplies 1/200,000 x 1/200,000 to get an exceedingly remote probability of 1/40,000,000,000. That is in fact the probability of being able to correctly predict WHICH 2 or 3 students in the population will die in the coming year. Indeed, the chances of doing so are exceedingly remote. But we already have established that 2-3 individuals will die in this group in the next 365 days. The fact that the population is constrained to basketball players means that these deaths are likely to occur only during basketball season so the odds of occurring on the same day become even more likely. But let’s assume these players practice year-round anyway. What are the odds that 2 or 3 deaths (of anyone in the population – not just 2 or 3 pre-selected individuals) occurring on the same day? This is the birthday paradox or let’s call it the deathday paradox and anyone can look up the calculation or use one of the calculators freely available on the web. The odds of 2.5 people having the same birthday (or deathday) is 0.68%. Unlikely but not the astronomical near impossibility the author suggests. Unlikely events happen all the time. Individuals win multiple lotteries. I am personally acquainted with an individual who has been struck by lightning twice. In this context, the author is attempting to convince his audience that huge numbers of vaccine deaths are occurring based on specious reasoning. This does not serve the public interest.

Redneck Mother

lies, #amn lies, and statistics, Indeed.

Another way to "#amn lie" with statistics is to cherrry pick the ones supporting your position. Now, while I would agree that the good doctor apparently did not receive much training in probability analysis in med school, you, my friend, ignore the implications of your own analysis. You conclude about 24 deaths annually in this group of athletes in a normal year. The good doctor points to more than 400 deaths in the last year. What are the odds of that?


Who's cherry-picking? I accepted the author's assumptions surrounding the 2 basketball player deaths on the same day and merely calculated the associated probability given his assumptions. As for the 400 deaths - that claim is for worldwide deaths of all ages and genders. Given that several other SCD studies PRIOR TO COVID have estimated death rates between 1:40,000 and 1:80,000 (https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/24963027/) and there are millions upon millions of athletes competing worldwide... why is 400 so impossible without some sinister explanation involving vaccines?


You are correct that the number of sudden deaths is now above 400. It has reached 446 as of today. For a more detailed analysis, the following link is helpful:



Please read this article and help me understand why you seem to think 15-year-olds and 17-year-olds commonly die from heart attacks when it appears has been the vaccine all along. Have you ever heard of two teenage basketball players having heart attacks on the same day? Who pays you anyway?




I wonder what the odds are that your are at least triple vaxxed! The Mental gymnastics you use to try to discredit this doctors article is simply incredible. You should’ve spent this much time looking into these experimental, unapproved clot shots, as Should everyone!


It would be helpful if the author could confirm that the two boys actually had taken the vaccine, otherwise I see no point in speculating the cause of death.


Wow….. you missed the whole point

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