New Science Disbelieved

New Science Disbelieved

Today, a new level of totalitarianism was reached when Dr. Robert Malone was banned from reading the New England Journal of Medicine.

We are accustomed to censorship by YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook; we are accustomed to professionals getting fired for not submitting to vaccination, but this feels different.

Dr. Robert Malone discovered in-vitro and in-vivo RNA transfection and invented mRNA platform technology while he was at the Salk Institute in 1988. He is thus, the father of the modern mRNA vaccine technology, and he has spoken out against its recent misuse in the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Unfortunately, there has been retaliation, more than one would expect in a free society. Here is a level of retribution one would typically find in Russia or China, not in the United States of America. This country used to be the model for free speech.

Just yesterday, I noticed this video of a physician being escorted off the grounds of UCLA for failing to submit to a vaccine injection. He was treated like a common criminal, with surly security guards forcing him off the premises. Here is a video account of Dr. Christopher Rake being fired for vaccine insubordination.

Now it seems that a recent email from The New England Journal of Medicine has banned Dr. Robert Malone.

On October 7, 2021, Dr. Malone reported the following:

"For your information, I have now been banned from reading the New England Journal of Medicine. They have blocked my IP address. I wonder how many others have been blocked?"

I wonder, was Professor Albert Einstein ever locked out of his office at Princeton? I know that many did not understand the complex equations he wrote, even the sharpest physicists of his day. It was only AFTER real-world experiments such as the total eclipse of the sun in 1919. This eclipse proved his calculation from his Relativity Theory that gravity could bend sunlight. Moreover, it made him a worldwide celebrity.

However, Dr. Malone's predictions about mRNA vaccine technology have not yet come to pass. When they do, perhaps he too will be accorded the same respect as Einstein. But does the world truly have to await the harsh results? 

Can't we be a little bit smarter this time?

Banning scientists from their place of work or scholarly journals is not ethical, nor is it wise. We need as many Dr. Robert Malones and Dr. Christopher Rakes as we can enlist to save humanity. But we can NEVER afford to silence scholarly innovation and new ideas. When we do, it is only at our greatest peril.

Dr. Justus R. Hope, writer’s pseudonym, graduated summa cum laude from Wabash College where he was named a Lilly Scholar. He attended Baylor College of Medicine where he was awarded the M.D. degree. He completed a residency in Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation at The University of California Irvine Medical Center. He is board-certified and has taught at The University of California Davis Medical Center in the departments of Family Practice and Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation. He has practiced medicine for over 35 years and maintains a private practice in Northern California.

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"Inventor of mRNA" -- wow. The anonymous, remarkably ignorant, anti-vax author of this article thereby added blasphemy to his or her long list of sins.


Perhaps if you spent more time reading the article rather than merely scanning the title, you would know more.

The article states, "Dr. Robert Malone discovered in-vitro and in-vivo RNA transfection and invented mRNA platform technology while he was at the Salk Institute in 1988."

For further enlightenment try reading this as well.


Dr. Christopher Rake is equally shady.


Dr. Malone did -not- invent mRNA vaccines!


As noted earlier, Robert Malone is not the inventor of mRNA vaccines, and will admit that when pressed about it. He absolutely did work on an experiment coating mrna with lipids to increase uptake in cells. However, his experiments came in 1987 and other scientists were using liposomes for mrna transport back in the late 70's. And he did nothing to deal with pseudouridine and the terrific work of Kariko and Weismann on making mrna more stable and less likely to induce an inflammatory response.

However, he's getting a lot of attention by showing up on newstalk shows and updating his Wikipedia entry to name himself the father/inventor of these vaccines.

Look carefully at his body of work. It very obviously belies his claims. It's actually shocking that anyone claiming to be a journalist wouldn't do that before writing an incredibly irresponsible article like this.


He owns the patent on animal research. Nature needs to own up and make a correction. As far as his body of work what body can you refer to? Google scholar? And how is it SO obvious of what claims? Point it out. Today's censor-moron's are tomorrows censored morons. Refutation to Nature claim:


You are 100% correct. Malone, and seemingly this inaccurate article, are the only ones to claim he is the inventor of mRNA vaccine technology. Hungarian biochemist Katalin Karakoram and immunologist Drew Weissman are both credited with being ones to lay the groundwork for mRNA vaccines. I believe Malone is just pissed because whatever involvement he had never proved to be a pay day for him. He his an otherwise unemployed clinical researcher turned YouTuber.

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