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The Purple Heart Medal

When a physician cannot speak openly and honestly to his patient, he feels frustrated. Angry. Awful. I've never felt quite that way before. Governor Newsome recently signed AB 2098 into law. This law essentially muzzles doctors from saying anything to their patients about the COVID-19 vaccine which is not "on script," according to the official government narrative. To do so might mean being found guilty by the Medical Board of unprofessional conduct punishable by loss of license to practice medicine.

This bill became law in California on January 1, 2023, meaning that California physicians may not deviate from the government narrative with any discussion about causes and treatments for COVID-19, nor can they discuss any issues with the mRNA vaccines that differ from the official Public Health positions. And that means any position other than the vaccines being safe and effective.

So, whenever patients ask me about them, I raise my right hand and say, " I'm going to stop you right there. I am a specialist and do not talk about COVID-19 or the vaccines. Save your questions for your primary care physician, who can answer them."

I saw my long-time patient, let's call him Phil, today. He is a highly decorated Vietnam veteran and is particularly proud of his service during the brutal Tet Offensive of 1968, perhaps the bloodiest year of the war, when we lost thousands of servicemen to an organized ambush by the Viet Cong.

Phil wears hats and T-shirts, displaying his patriotism. He directed the local Purple Heart Society for many years, and I remain in awe of his ideals, morals, and standards. He told me how many wrote in to receive "mail-order" medals and proudly displayed these at events. And sadly, as it turns out, how many of these turned out to be unearned and fraudulent. Phil is a stand-up guy. They broke the mold after they made him. And Phil is a stickler about honesty and integrity.

But today, Phil has heart failure. He cannot easily take a breath or get enough oxygen. The problem is that Phil has heart problems dating back 20 years to when as an unusually strapping 54-year-old, he was struck with sudden chest pain. When he suffered his first heart attack in 2004, he required one stent to re-open his blocked coronary artery.

He did well after that. He was able to do all the administrative work of leading the Purple Heart Society. In addition, he arranged a proper ceremony following the passing of a local Medal of Honor recipient. He even had the energy to attend monthly meetings involving the leadership of a local group of veterans.

But today, at my office, he could not catch his breath. His heart failure has caught up with him. Following heart attacks, the loss of heart muscle means less heart-pumping ability. Like with other failing pumps, the liquid backs up - and in this case floods the lungs. It causes a suffocating feeling. One where the patient hungers for air and feels he cannot take a deep enough breath.

Phil survived the Viet Cong's dastardly Tet Offensive when many other American patriots didn't. He survived his heart attack in 2004 without missing a single beat. However, after the mRNA COVID-19 vaccines in April of 2021, Phil experienced a relapse. He required five stents in April and another four in May for ten stents - one before the vaccines and nine within a month after. And now he cannot breathe.

But my tongue was tied. I could not tell Phil why. He does not have a clue why he suddenly worsened in 2021. He does not realize why he cannot catch his breath today. And I will lay awake tonight feeling I did not do my duty as his physician by keeping silent.


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AB 2098 is another example of enormous government overreach on “French Laundry” Newsom’s part, taking the state down the worst kind of road. But you could still tell Phil why, Doc. Someone has to stand up in this situation, and sooner rather than later. If there is any Hope for Justus at all, we have to start doing what’s right rather than what we’ve been ordered to do. The crisis is too far gone to wait for permission from our hypocritical overlords, and you’ll sleep better.

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