RFK Jr. Speaks of Freedom in Milan

RFK Jr. speaks of freedom in Milan

Senior members of Reuters, the Associated Press, TASS, and 260 other news agencies gathered on Monday, November 22, in Beijing, China, for the 4th World Media Summit - hosted by the official news agency of the Chinese Communist Party, the world's leading authority on propaganda. 


Chinese President Xi Jinping sent a congratulatory letter to the summit, the details of which appear on YouTube.


Media should stick to "science and rational judgment" in their reporting, said Huang Kunming, a politburo member and head of the party's propaganda department, during a speech delivered at the Summit on November 22, 2021.


The glaring question emerges, what is US media doing at a propaganda training seminar in China? Why is the media being schooled in propaganda techniques by a totalitarian regime?  The types of speakers and their comments are revealing.

Vietnam is now a one-party communist state. The country fell under communist rule following the US withdrawal from South Vietnam in 1975. 

The Vietnamese News Agency (VNA) spoke at the summit regarding their response to the pandemic, “The (Vietnamese) National News Agency has been consistently conveying the government’s message which puts people’s health and lives as top priority.” See mark :14.


Prensa Latina, the official news agency of Cuba, was represented by chairman Luis Enrique Gonzalez. Prensa Latina emerged with Fidel Castro in March of 1959, following the Cuban Revolution. However, the Havana-based agency has struggled due to the US blockade of the island and related economic hardship issues.

Gonzales guided the summit participants, and he “stressed the need to create new alliances, to work in networks, and exchange accurate information, avoiding disinformation and fake news.” 


For those who may not appreciate my sarcasm, fake news is defined by Marxists as “any news that does not fit the state’s narrative,” regardless of whether true or false.

The South China Morning Post reported on all of this in an article entitled, "Keep Out Fake News in (the) Age Of COVID-19 Chinese propaganda chief urges world media.”


The South China Morning Post tells you they are trustworthy with their section, “Why you can trust the SCMP,” which might as well read, “Why you can trust the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).” 

But then we have harsh criticism waged by former journalists against SCMP, particularly those of Stephen Vines, who wrote this article, "Why I will no longer write for the South China Morning Post."

Vines, a veteran writer for the Post, decided to tell the world exactly why he resigned from the paper.

He wrote that the SCMP had become a propaganda machine for the CCP. He reviewed how previous totalitarian societies like Stalin's Russia had used the media to publish "forced confessions" from dissidents as pro-government propaganda. He accused the Post of becoming a "willing participant in a grotesque propaganda ploy to discredit the kidnapped and detained bookseller, Gui Minhai.”


Vines continued, "The SCMP, under its new owner, China's richest man Jack Ma, has decided to lend itself more than willingly to the propaganda efforts of the Chinese state as Beijing seeks a greater role in global affairs."

And now we see that the world’s leading propaganda machine, the Chinese Communist Party, is no longer disguising its influence over world media. The Xinhua News Agency, the sponsor of the summit and the official state-run press agency of the People's Republic of China, is located in Beijing, next door to the CCP's headquarters in Zhongnanhai, the world's beating heart of totalitarianism.

Chinese propaganda news center

Xinhua owns more than twenty newspapers and a dozen magazines. In addition, it delivers "news" in eight languages.

Stephen Vines noted propaganda issued by a state news source in a communist country is widely disbelieved; however, when the same propaganda is recited in free democratic nations, many will be fooled by it.

And Xinhua has paid foreign media outlets like the Washington PostThe New York Times, and the Wall Street Journal to publish its inserts - often labeled "China Watch" or "China Focus."

But now, the main focus of China's propaganda machine is to collaborate with the West to get the narrative out to all who will believe it. Fear is the overriding theme, as this will shut down critical thinking and is most conducive to a totalitarian takeover.

China’s strategy is informed by thousands of years of wisdom, and what they may lack in technology is more than made up by approach – based upon the writings of Confucius and Sun Tzu.

For example, Sun Tzu, a legendary general and military strategist, died in 496 BC and influenced countless generals, especially those in the East. He is the author of The Art of War which contains wisdom often lost on the West. Former Chinese Communist leader Mao Tse-tung was a devoted student of Sun Tzu, and he transformed China with his 1945 resolution. 

Xi Jinping brought Mao’s Marxism into the 21st Century with Sun Tzu’s strategy: 

#1. The greatest victory is that which requires no battle

Xi Jinping unleashed an unrestricted bioweapon – SARS-CoV-2 – on the rest of the world, according to Dr. LiMeng Yan. No battle was required.


#2. All warfare is based on deception. 

When most Americans think that COVID-19 is the enemy and that our CDC and NIH are telling us the truth, China can sit back and laugh in their victory.

#3. Supreme excellence consists of breaking the enemy’s resistance without fighting. America and the West use overt tactics such as bombings and combat to defeat the enemy. The East, including China, is more subtle. They use the enemy’s weaknesses against them by dividing and conquering through fear, deception, greed, and propaganda. For example, during the pandemic, China seized the opportunity to exploit “woke culture” and used our racial, economic, and ethnic differences against us while they sat back and gloated.


All Americans should wonder why Dr. Fauci’s NIH funded the Wuhan gain-of-function experiments and why he later covered up the fact the virus emerged from a Chinese laboratory. Why are we protecting China? 

All Americans should wonder why the US has aligned with China to orchestrate a unified response to a planned and artificial pandemic. And all Americans should wonder why our Associated Press and the UK’s Reuters is collaborating with Chinese, Russian, and Cuban communist news agencies for a unified propaganda front.

Just because you don’t see bullets, don't believe we are not currently in a state of war. But, unfortunately, we are, and our lives, freedom, and futures are on the line – right now.

When you read the news that becomes part of a repeated theme common to both the East and West; perhaps consider that it might be false. But, unfortunately, these are the latest news stories now making the rounds – and they are incorrect. Currently, the theme in the United States is to force everyone to get vaccinated and use the new Omicron variant as an excuse. 

For example:

FALSE CLAIM #1 - The New Omicron Variant can evade natural immunity. 

REBUTTAL – This is scientifically doubtful as natural immunity is the highest form of protection and usually provides durable and lasting life-long immunity following symptomatic infection. 

While the Omicron variant with 30+ spike protein mutations can evade the spike protein-focused mRNA vaccine, it cannot evade natural immunity directed at the rest of the virus, such as the nucleocapsid and other non-mutated portions. 

Additionally, innate and T-cell immunity are more robust in the unvaccinated. As Dr. McCullough explains and every reader who has had chickenpox knows, it is “one and done.” You do not get re-infected following prior illness and recovery. See mark 6:22.


FALSE CLAIM #2 - The New Omicron Variant is a reason to hide in fear – this is not a time to worry about our liberty and constitutional rights.

REBUTTAL– As history has shown us, human rights are never restored after they are stolen. The worst atrocities of totalitarian regimes follow after human rights are surrendered. Look no further than Stalin, Hitler or Pol Pot. 


We have lost jobs, businesses, and pensions – all without due process or just compensation. We have been refused repurposed drugs while incurring forced experimental vaccines. 

Our right to freely travel and associate is in jeopardy. Concentration camps for the unvaccinated are now being constructed in Australia per an interview with Dr. Augusto Zimmerman conducted by Dr. Peter Breggin – the video has since been censored. Austria has its unvaccinated citizens under mandatory lockdown - a form of house arrest.


FALSE CLAIM #3 - The New Omicron Variant developed in an unvaccinated person.

REBUTTAL – On the contrary, the variants form BECAUSE of mass vaccination. Dr. George Fareed is a Harvard-trained virologist and AIDS pioneer. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the great Dr. Fareed, he was among the first to testify at the US Senate about the benefits of repurposed drugs for COVID-19. This has all been well-chronicled yet often censored or propagandized by the media. 


Dr. Fareed states that the Omicron variant could not have come from an unvaccinated individual (personal communication). Without mass vaccination ( and repurposed drugs), the entire world could be doing as well as Uttar Pradesh in India. They have no need for vaccination or lockdowns. Uttar Pradesh relied upon early treatment through a WHO-sponsored test and treat program using Ivermectin as its cornerstone. Repurposed drugs are effective against all the variants, unlike the vaccines which are specific to one.


Their pandemic has ended as their citizens enjoy herd immunity. In a population almost the size of the United States, they have fewer than 20 deaths over the past 60 days, while the US has lost 87,300 lives – that could have, and SHOULD HAVE been saved. 


The world’s COVID-19 pandemic could be over now if everyone adopted Dr. George Fareed’s and Dr. Brian Tyson’s repurposed drug treatment cocktail. They saved 7,000 patients in the Imperial Valley of Southern California.


It is precisely because of the widespread vaccinations that created immune pressure. This program produced an incubator in the vaccinated for new variants to spawn. Without mass vaccination and immune pressure, these variants would never have formed.

Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche, a virologist and Ebola expert, has repeatedly explained this. See mark 1:37:10 episode 242 with Dr. Vanden Bossche.


Just before the so-called Media Summit - more aptly described as the “Propaganda Summit” – was held in China, another gathering was held in Italy; only this one concerned truth and liberty, the converse of lies and totalitarianism.

In refreshing contrast to the dark propaganda training given by the harshest repressive regime in history, a message of hope and freedom was delivered by a member of the Kennedy family, perhaps the world’s leading symbol for Human Rights in the 20th Century. 

To further underscore the epic battle between good and evil, RFK Jr. spoke against the backdrop of Milan’s Arco della Pace, known as the triumphal “Arch of Peace.” Meanwhile, on the other side of the globe, the “Propaganda Summit” was planned adjacent to the Chinese Communist Party Headquarters, at Zhongnanhai, next to the Forbidden City. 

Zhongnanhai is located just 500 meters west of Tiananmen Square, the site of the infamous 1989 Tiananmen Massacre in which thousands of protestors were injured or killed. China media has banned any internet coverage or mention of this event.

In his speech, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., whose family has a perfect record of standing up for human rights and freedom, gave the world a wake-up call. RFK Jr. explained that the pandemic was a mere ruse for a totalitarian takeover of our rights. Kennedy noted that the CIA, long involved in covert overthrows of governments, was involved in the most extraordinary propaganda campaign in history.

As evidence, he cited Event 201. This exercise was a simulated Coronavirus Pandemic. The problem was this event occurred BEFORE anyone should have known about the real pandemic - in October of 2019.


As you might be surprised to know, our Director of National Intelligence, Avril Haines, was seated next to the Chinese CDC Director, George Fu Goa, and they were saying the same things - before anyone had contracted COVID-19.

"The line between disinformation and information is not an easy one to find...” US Director Haines said. “Find your trusted interlocutors saying this is not acceptable; this is not the truth - here is the information."

She went on, "But having a source, a national source and international source, other trusted sources, and really guiding everybody towards that information, is one of the most effective ways to deal with the situation." See mark 4:45.


What situation? Remember, she uttered those words in October of 2019, and there was NO situation at the time. Or was one being planned?

Our US Director then discussed the concept of "flooding" propaganda, just as was recently accomplished with the Ivermectin deworming hoax. 



She stated, "If you have a trusted source, I believe in the idea that we shouldn't be trying to control communication, but rather flood the zone, in a sense, with a trusted source..." See mark 6:52.


Worse, Director Haines took her cues from the Chinese Center for Disease Control (CCDC), Dr. George Gao.

Goa brought up the subject of (potential future) accusations that the virus was "man-made" as an example of potential misinformation in a future pandemic and how health care workers should have the "right information." I wonder how Dr. Gao knew five months BEFORE the COVID-19 pandemic was declared that people might reach the conclusion it was man-made?


More curious is that Event 201 was sponsored by The World Economic Forum and The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. This fact should cause you to consider that this pandemic is not about health but economics. Instead, it is a carefully planned pretext for money, power, and authoritarian control.


Nonetheless, a collaboration between the US Intelligence, China, and World Monetary Influences conspired to plan for a pandemic and further silence ANY AND ALL detractors from their narrative by using a "trusted source” - perhaps one even more trusted than the South China Morning Post.

Robert F. Kennedy spoke to a capacity crowd in Milan, Italy, on November 13, 2021, and translated the meaning of all this.

#1. The government has taken away multiple constitutional rights in the last 20 months:

  • Our freedom of speech.
  • Freedom of religion.
  • Right to a jury trial.
  • The right to participate in the rulemaking.

#2. Today “the law is what one man says it is (Fauci)” - period.


#3. “All of these rights will never be returned - unless we make them give them back.”

#4. The Green Pass is not a public health measure. Instead, it is “a tool for totalitarian control of your transportation, bank accounts, movements, (and) every aspect of your life.” See mark 5:40.


He goes on to state this idea of a "pass" is not new. It was used in Nazi Germany to control the movements of Jews. It was employed in South Africa to control blacks. See mark 6:00.

"And I want you to ask all the journalists and press here today if the Green Pass is about public health, why is it not being issued by the Health Ministry?" Kennedy gave the answer: "It is being issued by the Financial Ministry." See mark 6:45.


And now my readers know why Event 201 was sponsored by the World Economic Forum and not the World Health Organization.

Because the pandemic is about money and control, it has nothing to do with public health.

Kennedy asked the question, "Do they think that we are stupid?" 

The answer, as Kennedy elaborated is not that we are stupid. On the contrary, it is that we are emotional and that we respond in predictable ways. 

He discussed common CIA strategies – using the Stockholm Syndrome against the public after a forced lockdown where the captured paradoxically sympathize with their captors. And the Milgram experiment – where many citizens blindly obey an authority figure, even if it leads to harming others.

Thus, it is not because any of us are stupid that we follow the mandates of Dr. Fauci and the CDC. It is because of the psychology surrounding authority figures. The problem is that we tend to believe those wearing white coats, exposing ourselves to the worst consequences of misplaced trust in an institution that holds power over our lives.



"This is a way to control your money,” Kennedy explained. “Once you have that Green Pass, and they have the digital currency, if somebody tells you, 'Do not leave Milan' and you go on a trip to Bologna, your money won't work in Bologna...they can control any aspect of your life." See mark 6:52.


"They tell you we need a Green Pass to make sure everybody gets vaccinated,” Kennedy further exposes the charade. “But they admit the vaccine does not prevent transmission. The vaccine does not prevent you from getting the disease. The vaccine cannot stop the pandemic. So why do they need to get us vaccinated if the vaccine doesn't stop transmission?" See mark 7:28.


Kennedy pre-empts his critics, "I am not against vaccines. I am against BAD vaccines."

As I wrote last week, the smallpox vaccine is an example of a good vaccine, while the mRNA vaccines against COVID-19 represent bad vaccines.


Kennedy pointed out that Event 201, the purported Pandemic Planning Event has zero to do with public health. There were no discussions about taking Vitamin D, or losing weight. There were no discussions about the use of Repurposed Drugs to treat the disease. See mark 17:54.


Instead, the theme was China-US collaboration on how to "use the pandemic as a pretext to clamp down totalitarian controls and to deconstruct democracy." See mark 18:18.


And Kennedy said, "They (Event 201 Speakers) spent one quarter of the day talking about how to make sure nobody's allowed to spread the rumor that the coronavirus pandemic is laboratory generated - and this is October 2019 - and they talk about how to lock down the population, how to force them to take experimental vaccines..." See mark 18:33.


While Event 201 was the most recent pandemic simulation leading up to COVID-19, many others dated back two decades. The common feature of the 20+ pandemic simulations, like Event 201, was the CIA.

While many included Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci, the most consistent common denominator was our premier information gathering department, our top spy force, the Central Intelligence Agency.

"The CIA wrote the script (and) high-level CIA officials participated in every one of those pandemic simulations." See mark 19:51.


These simulations were often conducted secretly and in multiple countries - Germany, Italy, Canada, and Australia - simultaneously. They practiced again and again - to plan a response to a pandemic.

"It was NOT a public health response,” Kennedy emphasized. “It was a response to use the pandemic for something else."

"So they practiced how to use the pandemic as a pretext for imposing totalitarian controls and for obliterating liberal democracy across the planet." See mark 20:33.


RFK Jr. called for all citizens to fight for those rights that we have lost in the previous 20 months. 

It is not difficult to figure out who is telling the truth. For example, do you believe those who attended the “Propaganda Summit” in Beijing or those who attended the Kennedy Speech in Milan?

Do you believe the “government’s (disingenuous) message” which “puts people’s health and lives as top priority” as stated by the Vietnamese News Agency? Or do you believe Dr. George Fareed, who saved 7,000 lives from COVID-19 with a cheap repurposed drug cocktail?


Do you believe that mass vaccination is the answer while failing in those most highly vaccinated areas like Vermont and Gibraltar? Or do you think that early treatment of the type advised by Dr. Peter McCullough and used by Uttar Pradesh is better?


Do you believe that vaccine mandates, passes, and lockdowns should be allowed that defy our US Constitution, or do you believe in democracy and freedom of choice in America?


Kennedy concluded that it is everyone's duty: "To reclaim our government, to reclaim our lives, to reclaim our liberty, for our children, for our country, and all future generations - and I can tell you this - I will stand side by side with you - and if I have to die for this, I'm going to die with my boots on." See mark 24:26.



Kennedy’s message boils down to three simple words, “Just say no.”




 Dr. Justus R. Hope, writer’s pseudonym, graduated summa cum laude from Wabash College where he was named a Lilly Scholar. He attended Baylor College of Medicine where he was awarded the M.D. degree. He completed a residency in Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation at The University of California Irvine Medical Center. He is board-certified and has taught at The University of California Davis Medical Center in the departments of Family Practice and Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation. He has practiced medicine for over 35 years and maintains a private practice in Northern California.

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Dr. Fareed saved 7000 lives in Imperial County? Really? When propaganda attacks propaganda...lol.


Please post your souce.


Dear Insider:

Here is the link: https://www.thedesertreview.com/news/local/dr-fareed-addresses-italian-senate-at-covid-summit/article_75ef29c2-16ff-11ec-9560-1b32c7c0d4a0.html

And after you read about Dr. Fareed's remarkable results with repurposed drugs as reported to the Italian Senate, perhaps watch this news report about a representative case - I personally know both Dr. Bain and Dr. Fareed, and these accounts are true.



Also, the details of saving these 7,000 patients can be read in Dr. Fareed's new book available on Amazon, "Overcoming the COVID Darkness; How Two Doctors Successfully Treated 7000 Patients."


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