OPINION: Thank You to the Valley


As we at The Desert Review watch another year wind down, it leads to introspection of our accomplishments as well as our future direction for the new year.

It is hard to look back and not be filled with overwhelming gratitude for those that helped us put out a weekly newspaper and our daily online publication filled with the news and events of the Valley. Our staff is creative, hard-working, and forward-thinking — and with Becky Hanks, Gary Redfern, and Joselito Villero, we have the top in the industry.

Office manager Stella Jimenez has taken to newspaper news like a fish to water. She is our energizer bunny, wearing many hats, and wearing them well. Through Noel Bravo and Brett Miller, our creative, behind-the-scenes graphic artists, they bring a paper to our readers that is as visually interesting as it is newsworthy.

Reporters Katherine Ramos, Gus Garcia, Javier Guererro, Kalin Turner, and Ernest Ramos continue to hit new highs in their coverage of the Valley.

However, without our sponsors, all this would be for naught. We love to promote the businesses and services our county offers and we are honored advertisers have placed their hard-working dollars in our publication as their method to reach the public. We are humbled by your trust in The Desert Review.

Yet, no matter how well-written, how great the graphics, how smartly edited, or how many advertisers — our success ultimately lies with our readers. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your subscriptions, for seeking out our paper in our many outlets, and for the many tips and responses we get from you. We want to wish each and every one of you a productive and blessed New Year.

As for the future, we have been growing steadily since launching our online paper in 2010, going to print in 2014, and webcasting in 2016. We will continue investigative journalism, features, and in-depth coverage of the Salton Sea, renewables, agriculture, and the many other fascinating news items the Valley has in store for all of us. We believe 2017 may be a wild ride… and we are ready!


Lloyd Miller