Humble Farms hosts ‘Paint and Pour’ night in Imperial

Participants at Odds and Ends’ craft night create unique paintings at the “Paint and Pour” event held Aug. 8 at Humble Farms Brewery in Imperial.

IMPERIAL – Humble Farms Brewery, the newest big business in Imperial, opened its doors August 8 to host Odds and Ends’ “Paint and Pour” craft class for different levels of artists to create themed canvas paintings.

The Odds and Ends business, originally an antique furniture store, has recently begun hosting a wide variety of craft events. Although most classes take place at the store’s location on the business block of Main Street in El Centro, Odds and Ends has also branched out to collaborate with other businesses to bring community together in different locations. Each class is instructed by a local artist and are geared for both beginners and expert levels of talent.

“The set of instructors from Odds and Ends had humorous personalities and taught us how to complete the project for the evening with that same attitude. That made for a good evening,” said Vickie Summers, one of the participants.

The artwork for the evening began by applying a teal background with instructors reminding the class to paint all the way around the canvas sides for depth of painting.

The artists next tackled adding a sun to the upper-middle section of the canvas. Then the instructor called for white paint, to give the presences of a bright sun shining down, instructors said. Once the background was acceptable to both teacher and student, the main part of the painting consisted laying down branches of a cherry blossom tree with instructors walking the attendees through creating the focus of the painting.

“This painting used layers, and the instructors were able to walk the class through each of these layers starting with the background that eventually led up to the cherry blossom tree that was the main piece of our art work,” said attendee Rachel Gonzales.

There was a fun and lively environment that attendees and the Odds and Ends group brought to the class, and the owners of Humble Farms said they plan to host another Paint and Pour night August 22, featuring Paris-themed artwork.

Other painting classes hosted by Odds and Ends are called “Pushing Paints” and are taught at the Odds and Ends store in El Centro. The times and dates are located on the Odds and Ends Facebook page.