JoeNell McClure Darr & Robert Marley Darr

JoeNell McClure Darr
April 29, 1939, - April 5, 2022

Robert Marley Darr
August 27, 1929, - April 19, 2022

JoeNell McClure Darr was born in Phoenix Arizona to Elbert Frank and Helene Irene (Bogert) McClure. JoeNell was primarily raised in Salinas, California, and came to Imperial Valley in 1960 where her mother and stepfather, Jesus Flores Vazquez operated the Imperial Hotel.

JoeNell was a bookkeeper for Darr Electric, Stoker Company and served as the church secretary and clerk at Imperial First Southern Baptist Church. A talented dressmaker and quilter, JoeNell generously shared her sewing knowledge with others as an Imperial 4-H Sewing Leader for 17 years and was well-known for making formal gowns and dresses throughout the Valley.

Robert Marley Darr was born in Knox City, Texas to Robert Thomas and Minnie Louise (Houston) Darr. Marley came to California in 1951 to Delano, California, where he worked for the Central and Southern Pacific Railroad before making his way to Imperial Valley. In 1960, he began his career at Imperial Irrigation District where he was a lineman.

On February 16, 1967, the Darr family experienced a life-changing event. While servicing a downed powerline, Marley was electrocuted with 33,000 volts of electricity when transformers failed, and his hands and feet were severely burned.

Though his career ended as a lineman, he learned to walk and use his hands again to serve others. His injury became his lifelong testimony. He knew his life had been spared to tell others about redemption and the lifesaving love of Jesus Christ. For a number of years, Marley traveled to churches near and far to give his testimony. Locally, he served in his church as a Sunday School teacher and Deacon at Imperial First Southern Baptist Church. He went on to own and operate Darr Electric before his final retirement.

Together Marley and JoeNell built their life together in Imperial, and raised six children, Vickie Ingle, Kathie Gallinetti, Tony (Dianne) Darr, Lisa Gallinat (Ted), Robin Fields (Randy), Rodney Darr (Dena). They enjoyed life most when they were camping, fishing, and traveling with family in their motorhome.

Marley and JoeNell are predeceased by their parents, sons-in-law Clifford Ingle, William Macklin, Dennis Gallinetti, and grandson Ethan Von Darr. They are survived by their children, 12 grandchildren, and nine great-grandchildren.

A celebration of life will be held on Friday, June 3, 2022, at 10:00 a.m. at Imperial First Southern Baptist Church, Imperial, CA. Burial will be private.

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